Temple/Sanctum Desging and Decor

I am getting close to where my chosen room will be ready for Painting, and decoration. I have ideas of my own, but being so new tend to miss things then later regret it. I love going over EA’s vid, to grab ideas.
I don’t plan to make any strict copy of anothers work, just want to see what others have and why it is important to them.
Paint colors and reason why. Flooring, do you want something to use sidewalk chalk on or something else then paint up and use floor cloths ?
Going to go through Works of Darkness and other EA’s tomes desigings.
Also, if oyu have something you really like, where and how did you get it.
I plan to post pics to doc. my progress. It will take awhile to complete as I have at best (so far) about $30 per month to work with.

The house I’m building right now, I planned to build an upper loft that only covers half of the upstairs like a 1/2 second story and that will be my altar room. When I have my own place I usually go all out. Right now, at my relative’s house I’ve got all my magickal goods in a huge plastic storage tub and when I need something I pull it out and use the top of the tub as a makeshift altar which works nicely, all of the magickal energy is in contained inside the tub and the privacy of the tub keeps people out of my business.

But when my new place is finished I will have wooden floors, interlocking wood that a local we know here makes and it can be stained any color you like and then sealed with a gloss coat so I was thinking a dark mahogany color or maybe an old rotted oak tree look if I can find some flooring with lots of knots in the wood. When done the floors are waterproof and can be mopped or wiped with a wet rag, so that would be perfect for drawing on the floor with chalk and I plan on buying a large area rug for comfort but also in case I need to leave a symbol on the floor and hide it. Don’t know where you live but we have a store called Ollie’s discount outlet and you can get the large area rugs that normally cost $129.99 for like $29.95 each. Big Lots also carries stuff like that.

I plan to have one main wooden cabinet, probably black, which I can keep my main supplies in such as my chalice, tarot sets, athame, the usual. But to save space what I usually do is buy some small blank wooden chests about 13" across and 9" from front to back and I paint them black with metallic silver occult designs or use decoupage and cover them with halloween fabrics that have bats, ravens, or spiders. I once made a chest with witch hats printed on the fabric and I found a giant button shaped like a wizard and a crystal ball that I glued to the front just above the locking mechanism, and I use these chests to contain my herbs which I store inside tiny tupperware containers and my gemstones go in velvet pouches. I left my chests at my old apartment when I moved out, didn’t have enough room in my car to take everything I owned in one trip and my Ex decided to stay and keep renting there so he donated my chests to charity and everything I didn’t get in that one trip.

I also plan to make a really nice altar from scratch, after building it I plan to either carve or woodburn some symbols into the top, stain it and gloss coat it. I also have a really nice giant altar cloth with the Greenman on it and a black cloth with silver reversible pentagram. I plan to make my own candle holders too, my craft store carries blank wood taper holders that I will paint black and decorate with silver inverted pentagrams. So I plan on making almost everything from scratch. I may be a girl, but I know my way around a garage when it comes woodworking, carving, and burning tools.

As for the wall decor, I still have to keep that somewhat un-evil looking because my house will be located on a piece of my dad’s property so my mom and daughter will be stopping by frequently and I imagine my mom doesn’t want my innocent little girl which she manipulated and turned christian, to see pentagrams on the wall and ask questions because my daughter is not stupid. She can’t be lied to and if she sees certain things well google and youtube will tell her what they really mean LOL. But I don’t want an overly dark feel to my altar room anyway so I plan to use pentagrams for table top decor and as for my walls, I use a professional printing company to make my business cards and flyers and they do a damn good job on color quality and image clarity.

So I will be having them print my digital god, goddess, and demon artwork onto posters about 11" W x 15" H in size and I will be buying some nice poster frames for them because I figure if my place is going to look nice and new, I should frame the posters instead of tacking or taping them. But I will have my occult artwork on the walls and probably a few Hindu god art pieces, and if I can find one that suits my needs I will be picking a central point on the wall and hanging a large tapestry blanket from a wooden rod, maybe something celestial but if that plan fails then I will make my own tapestry from scratch, I’m good with a sewing machine too. But take whatever ideas you like, I doubt your altar room will look identical to mine even if you use some of these ideas.

It’s so cool that his actual Temple now is more elegant than the earlier CGI backgrounds! :slight_smile:

Very inspiring, and RavensAscent, your idea sounds amazing as well! I get really into this kind of stuff…

I don't plan to make any strict copy of anothers work, just want to see what others have and why it is important to them. Paint colors and reason why.

IMO you can’t beat matt black for walls if the choice is totally free, but it’s hard to find a paint that doesn’t have really nasty fumes that you want to avoid.

Matt black feels like sitting in open space, void, a null-point in time, I’ve had that one time and really liked it, but it’s hard to live with day in, day out, and I prefer to live IN my Temple, so it’s not an option so much here. There’s always a trade-off, I guess… :\

I like a lot of rich gem colours, dark blues and stuff, but we have a lot of white (ceilings, bedframe & stuff) at the moment as well, especially Ikea Billy bookcases - one of them is set to become The Billy Of Evil soon, with the middle shelf as an altar, and the top half with demonic stuff (yeah, kinda inspired by E.A.'s pentagram, I have to fess up) - anyway, I’ll post photos for sure if that project comes off!

My dream would be an old gothic stone church, converted into a Temple and to sleep on the altar, but I’m not of a mind to devote time to making that happen, and it would probably be a bitch to heat in the winter…

Flooring, do you want something to use sidewalk chalk on or something else then paint up and use floor cloths ?

Can you get whole cowskins, affordably, where you live? Ideally in black or some other full colour.

They’re more substantial than cloth and can be marked with paint, other people might have even better ideas.

Also, if oyu have something you really like, where and how did you get it.

Black cowskin from eBay, can’t remember the price because it was ages ago - maybe £60?

It represents Auðumbla, the primeval cow in Norse mythology.

Lots of bits and pieces from household/DIY stores, I posted those here - DIY or kitchenware stores are good for stone items right now, including a translucent stone pestle I use with a candle inside.

I plan to post pics to doc.my progress. It will take awhile to complete as I have at best (so far) about $30 per month to work with.

That’s a decent amount if you plan ahead and don’t impulse buy.

I guess you need to ask what situations you have, that need to be sorted out?

I’m (re)doing this process right now, for example I’ve found that ancestral work seems to be connected to my Goddess Hathor on the one side, and the Lady Buné on the other, so that’s a slight change which means I can group their items and altar together, I have an area set aside for my Child, another for storing items used in baneful work, etc…

Maybe grab a notebook and list the main kinds of magick you do, by type of spirit then by outcome, and see if that sparks any ideas?

Our bedroom, living room and Temple are the same room, through choice, and therefore sometimes seen by muggles, so we’re moving towards having things painted on black sheets, we decided to go for more full-on decor this winter but it has to be removable, like a speakeasy in some old movie, where everything converts really quickly into something innocent looking! :wink:

It also means we’re not permanently committed to any specific symbol being painted on the walls or anything, which wouldn’t suit us right now because we hope to start a family soonish, and things like that mean you get home check-ups by health visitors (mandatory maternity service in the UK) and so on!

I can’t quite see me passing off a large painted horned skull as a fair-trade, eco-friendly version of Thomas The Tank Engine for the little 'un… :wink:

Sorry, I’m rambling - anyway other things, make sure you have more places than you think you need to keep paper, printouts, art, etc., have a place for burnt waste (incense sticks, matches, charcoal ash), plenty of pens in their own special place for bright ideas, and something comfy to sit and lie on!


MY altar room was once completely satin black. Next time it’ll be flat black, but my folks and I have since moved out of that place (being an extended asian family, it’s a multigenerational household), and out new place is just conventional with the usual off-white walls and nice hardwood flooring.

As for flooring, I would either paint an elaborate circle / triangle as per the system I write about in my book, Saturn Rising, or if I have the ability to have it constructed, the same design(s) inlaid directly into the wood floor in either brass, or bronze. imagine a 6-ish foot circle of whatever design you prefer, and a triangle with 2-3 foot sides, with all the lines made of 1/2" brass strip =D

add sigils of Saturn here and there, the zodiac around the circumference of the circle, god names if you like, interwoven pentacles, and whatever else takes your fancy; that’s what i’d have, as my absolute ideal, inlaid into a dark, solid-wood flooring with flat-black walls and perhaps a deep crimson (ie russet, or the colour of dried blood / dark terracotta) ceiling.

if not, the nthe alternative would be all that jazz painted onto the floor in white acrylic, perhaps, so it could be removed or altered without too much trouble.

of course, on another note entirely, a “circle” could be painted along the walls themselves, as it need not be limited to a literally gemoetric circle on the floor. Say, two feet above the floor, all along the wall in silver and gold leaf (perhaps a tribal-ish, hot-rod pinstriping?) with godnames or mottos all the way around, which would mean that everything below that level (including everything on the floor) would be within the “circle”, so fitting an altar in would be no problem cos you’d have all the floor space available for it. then, paint a large evocation triangle on the wall just above the “circle”, where you could either hang a scrying mirror in the centre, or the sigil of the spirit you want to call.

the only limitation, though, would that anything in the room itself would really kinda have to sit below the level of the circle (whic his painted along the circumference of the room, on the walls themselves, remember)… otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to see the circle in places, which would break concentration and kinda defeat the purpose of having it on the walls in the first place LOL. of course, the amount of working space you’d have at your disposal would be awesome!

i like designing things:) oh! speaking of which, i’m getting into woodwork once my book starts paying off (as in, i need the money to buy tools cos i’m poor as hell LOL), so when i finish some super-awesome evocation triangles, ouija boards, magic wands, pendulum boards and that kinda stuff, i’ll be sure to post some pics for your enjoyment. they’re gonna be super-special and absolutely beautiful, as far as art and decor go (along with being fully-functional pieces of ritual kit).