Temple of Velenos

I opened up my astral temple to some benevolent thoughtforms to act as “priests” of the temple in exchange for their aid in the temple they’re allowed to sustain themselves off the positive energy that is generated within the temple area.

This helps both them and myself as they are helping the temple flourish and thoughtforms develop based on the energy they feed on so they also develop in a way they’re not being an issue and they also wont fade from lack of attention.

so the next step of my astral temple has started.


Some while ago I was making mentions of discoveries in my ancestry, well recently many (a whole facebook group) of relatives showed up and welcomed me lol and started sharing pictures of now deceased ancestors and I think that’s pretty cool:

This is a recoloration of one of my direct ancestors ( he looks irritated)

and here’s another relative from a different time but still direct line:

Also turns out I’m practically related to majority of a town here in texas, specifically Paris texas due to my paternal grandpa’s family and paternal grandma’s family basically all having such a large holding within it along with Louisiana and kansas among other places.

It’s honestly pretty cool how this all fell into my lap after doing a little ancestry work lol.


Another commission I had done of my etheric body/true self. The flitting souls around the pot were my own touch to symbolize my psychopomp work, the black smoke is to symbolize elemental death energy and the pot is like a gateway through reincarnation/rebirth :smiley:


I’ve been reading a book suggested by @DarkestKnight (thanks for the suggestion it’s a pretty good book lol) called Inner Alchemy: Energy Work and the Magic of the Body and I got to the chapter on “DNA magick” and before it there was the chapter of using blood and the likes to cause inner change in the body, usually done through direct magick or sigil work depending on the desire.

It got me thinking on the idea of using bodily fluids in spell work to cause or trigger DNA change and how it would differ in triggering it from how the author described their working and in removing their I believe it was clinical depression from themselves that they found was prominent in their family.

I do want to test a spell using blood and see how it differs but I am also on the fence on it due to the possibility of wasted effort :thinking:

though it does mention many things on the senses with the physical body that I have been aware of for quite some time.