Temple of Velenos

So according to this reading I’m going to put a little hold on my public workings/experiments. I have decided I’m going to touch down on doing some shadow work using the Qliphoth.


Wait, so you’re placing sigils in each corner of the US? This is very interesting. Im assuming you’re traveling there yourself and placing them.

Do you mind explaining the idea behind it?

No, traveling there isn’t necessary since OOBE exists and placing them on the energetic layer of the physical works just fine.

The idea was to create a hypersigil.



Would it be easier to manifest the idea of a temple being raised or temple ruins being reconstructed :thinking: would it both be equal difficulty.

(Still stuck at work :cry:)


So, an update on the Qliphoth shadow work, with the first sphere Naamah when trying to work into it she came to me originally from a point of observation, but as I got into it I asked if I could “pathwork” the sphere and she stated no, but gave no reason.

The second time after trying she said no again but with a reason that “this isn’t how your shadow work is to be done” which confused me since I’ve only ever done it once and it was kind of a patch work thing, in the moment. However, I got a tarot reading from @Mythopoeia which filled in the blanks as my shadow work is more in relation to connecting with my tribe (spiritual one) so earlier today I did manage to with the help of a friend find my spiritual parentage of sorts which I will be projecting to at some point through the week, hopefully today or tonight as my spiritual ‘origins’ is somewhat similar to my physical one.