Temple of Velenos

This is not so much a journal? but more where I post images of tarot readings I’ve done or in the middle of doing.


Your colection of decks is stunning.

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Spirit science has a d e ck. I don’t know if this makes me upset or morbidly furious.


Please, even the concept of “vagina dentata” has its own deck, of course they would have one.

I am sure that you can even find tarot decks from super mario.


Close. Smash brothers.
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Spirit science deck is pretty neat with all they clustered into the deck from rider waite, thoth, numerology, among other things.


I have the familiars one and the Viking oracle as well, they are great :blush:



Sorceress Morgan Le Fay is pictured in a vibrant hue and mysticism and magic. Her talisman represents the pomegranate, food of the otherworld and symbol of the Triple Goddess. We can feel the fruitful energy swirling in the background as it explodes in a crescendo of bursting light from Morgan’s hand. Woven spirals symbolize the infinite transformative energy of the sorceress.

Papa Legba whirls away his time on the stone wall in the middle of the 22 major Arcana. He stands between you and destiny’s pathway higher up on the ridge. Two candles, an unusual staff, and handy knapsack indicate he is master of the mystical gateway between your subconscious mind and the otherworld. Summoned by drumbeats of spiritual wakefulness, papa navigates your chrysalis exploration of the unseen world. He reminds you that inner strength and self-confidence is required to attain higher consciousness.

The Poet/King of Scrolls like a rabbit, the Poet thrives in the reality of the moment and in the subterranean depths of the subconscious mind. Be alert for a poet-type individual when you see this card. Scroll Troupe members all represent exceptionally evolved, emotionally balanced individuals, so it’s important to establish your own interior balance. Then, you will attract personalities like the Poet into your life. Advises that you research your situation and in the process question existing authorities. It may be time to examine underlying assumptions and bring greater clarity into areas that have been left in the dark. Don’t wait for others to do it.

The mighty Herne leads his wild hunt through the countryside and dense forest amid the clamor of baying hounds, braying horses and the screeching winds of a fierce winter storm. He symbolizes the dogged might of your willpower to overcome obstacles. herne’s helmet sports the majestic horns of the red stag, Lord of the Forest. Three stars of Orion’s belt above his head represent the three celestial Personages who tend the gateway to higher consciousness.


Same question as above.

10 of Air: the meaning of the individuation leads to becoming one’s self, to stepping away from the external forces that we believe define us, to becoming an independent being who recognizes and embraces their own uniqueness and individuality.

XXIII. Integrity: The integrity card is the eighth of the influence cards, it represents making choices and acting with honesty and honor. Integrity has many forms. There is personal integrity, professional integrity, artistic integrity, and intellectual integrity.

XXI. Perception: Perception, the fifth of the influence cards, pertains to the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to understand what we sense and experience. When the perception card appears in your reading, it symbolizes an opportunity or needs to look at how you analyze and interpret your experiences, and how your interpretation then influences your choices and ability to see and weigh options and opportunities.

III. Three of Earth: The Three of Earth represents a time of preparation. It is time to sow the seeds born of thought, need, and desire into the fertile soil, and do what is required in order to make those seeds grow. It is time for you to do the necessary groundwork. Remember, the outcome can only be equal to the investment you are willing to make in the here and now.


You can even find anime decks too. Sailor moon.


The determination in your heart will bring resolution to the challenges you face. Here you have an opportunity to allow a great transition to take place. The seeds of fertility will burst forth from the ashes of the fire, and the phoenix in your heart will rise again. However, at this moment, the labor to get there may be difficult, even painful. There is so much to do, and how can you do it all yourself? You may consider this a good thing or a bad thing, but ultimately, your perspective will determine your experience.

The Ten of Cups holds a space for your thriving in life, internally and externally. The end of this cycle indicates the beginning of a new one. This card speaks to kindness, harmony, connection, alignment, and everlasting love for each other and all of life. There is a strong energy of a new home become manifest, and the satisfaction which comes from completing a long and perhaps even difficult journey. Well done, open your arms wide and express your love freely! Embrace this feeling of thriving, for soon, you will begin a new journey, and life will continue on.

This card indicates the work and productivity that you have in your life and describes that this work must be done with care and love in every moment. There is no need to rush or put stress on yourself, but rather simply devote yourself wholeheartedly to your work and make sure that it is done well, with care and respect to the craft. If you do not, you do a disservice to all of the other craftsmen, as well as yourself. It is always difficult to redo and relearn lessons due to failure to practice the first time around properly.

You have found a place within to nurture the love that was always residing there, and through offering this love freely, it has been reflected you in plenty. In a loving embrace, you share your sacred space with those you care for. This loving embrace is intimate and gentle, uplifting, and delightful.

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Do you like the book of shadows deck? It has been calling to me.

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The book of shadows is a very new deck I got I haven’t got to completely work into it, I was going to use it here in a minute lol.


The Elemental of air is an intelligent, logical, and vigilant youth who brings along some sort of official news of change. While the changes could prove to be challenging, this card shows pretenses of mental clarity and inner demons being settled and ridden from your life.

The Four of Air points toward some sort of sickness or withdrawal. However, it also brings with it rest, healing, and order. Other interpretations could be simply taking a needed break or calling a truce. The position of this card is fairly mild but overall positive.
The Crone is a reliable, confident, self-sufficient individual. She shows signs of success and endless personal growth. Attaining your goals will likely require some self-exploration as well as a firm commitment on your part, but the outcome looks positive.

The Two of Earth shows movement, balance, and growth through change. It suggests possibilities of fluctuating wealth that will likely require some sort of juggling act and will bring with it both ups and downs. The workload will be heavy

Litha (The sun), being the opposition to Samhain (the Moon), is a card full of life, joy, and energy. It reveals positive achievements, successful endeavors, and overall manifestations of good fortune in your life.



Four cups line the bottom of the card, and a rat has himself sprawled out over the whole shebang. Rats are often associated with being sneaky and generally icky. This rat sure looks like he’s trying to hoard these cups to himself.

The bottom of the card is dark, giving the impression that the rat is in some lower dwelling, perhaps a sewer or a hole. But the bright white light of the moon spans the top half of the card. The rat doesn’t have his eye on the illuminated world though – his focus is on the underbelly.

In the top half of the card, night abounds. The branches of the wheel are white, in contrast to the dark branches in the lower half of the wheel. An owl gazes out at us from the top of the wheel. Owls are a symbol of wisdom. The owl is not phased by change and does not try to control the movement of the wheel. Instead, she observes and adapts.

The lower portion of the card merges into a daytime scene. This turning of day to night, the night to day is one manifestation of the Wheel of Fortune that we are all intimately familiar with. On a symbolic level, this can also show our fate changing from clarity to confusion, success to failure, and infinite other twists. Sometimes changes that at the time seem meaningless become rich with meaning only once we have gained distance and perspective. Such is the way of the wheel.

An owlet sits perched upon a solid black sword. She gazes forward at us as though she’s got nothing to hide. Behind her, the night sky is splattered with rainbow-hued stars. As a court card, the Daughter of Swords might represent a specific person, a personality trait, or an approach to life. At the core of her personality, the Daughter of Swords might ascribe to the motto “keep it simple.” She is a straightforward character who doesn’t bother with frills or nonsense. What you see is what you get. She’d likely be a proponent of Occam’s razor philosophy: the simplest explanation is likely the best explanation. The sword in this picture is positioned in a straight line. This is representative of the daughter’s straight and narrow temperament. While others would swing wildly about getting caught up in complicated thoughts and over-analyzation, the daughter is more likely to cut to the chase.

The Mother of Cups lives in a world shrouded by both mystery and beauty. She dwells in the night-time, just as the Empress and the High Priestess did. Night-time is the realm of the feminine and of inward flowing energy. However, if you look closely, there are white vertical lines dispersed in the black background. There’s a bit of the opposite contained within the darkness.

The Mother herself stands out, a white swan against a black background. She faces to the left, the direction associated with mystery and yin energy. One wing is outstretched gracefully over an intricate goblet. Blue, purple and pink stars sparsely dot the sky behind her. These colors are often associated with spirituality and receptivity.

A white bird, possibly a dove, draws attention from the upper portion of the card. Rays of light surround his outstretched wings. He has a serene, welcoming, all-encompassing energy. The bird looks like a spiritual force, perhaps an angel or other guides.

A flock of small black bats rises to meet the open-winged embrace of the white bird. The card is entirely black and white, making use of the contrast of light above and dark below.

The closer we get to the bottom of the card, the more the bats blend into the darkness. The bats have been slumbering, entrenched in the darkness below, waiting for something to inspire them to emerge into the light. The bats are now ready to awaken, be more fully alive, to respond to a higher calling.


Have you tried the Ogham?

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Not yet, saw some sets being sold on Etsy and a book about it I plan to buy


Six warriors stand facing an enemy; their swords pointed toward him. The enemy points his sword back, a standoff is imminent, but there is a wish for compromise even if it is unlikely. Here there is a crisis; the six swords are all unique and weak on their own, where the might of the single sword is strong and enduring. Thus the equation is balanced in its opposition. As long as these forces stay in a combative state, there can be no harmonious end, though the end will come nonetheless. One will overtake the other.

The Two of Disks describes the universal truth that change is the only constant. Everything is in a constant state of change; nothing ever sits still. The card depicts Patchman holding a lemniscate (infinity symbol) which moves through all of the colors and elements, from unity outward and back again. Two yin yangs mark the ever-spiraling balance of this change and the movements of natural forces that spin continuously and mark the advent of new cycles.

The Empress is pregnant with possibility and is the perfect vessel to bring our ideas into manifestation. She represents love and compassion by nurturing everything around her with the spirit of the Divine Mother. She is the essence of Mother Earth, emphasizing the beauty in all of creation through sensual awareness, and the one who will give birth to a new consciousness.

The Three of Wands shows a Patch raising his wands above his head with a glowing castle appearing in the illusion behind them. This indicates the pathway of spiritual will: the purpose is set behind the creative force which is now burning bright within. The direction is added to the burst of light, thus there is now a way forward.


Those cards look so cute, what deck is it?

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Patch Tarot