Temple of Baal DESTROYED! EDIT: Are the Sphinx & the Pyramids of Egypt Next?

What a shocker! The Temple of Baal just got smashed into pieces, pulverized into fumes! The Gods, especially Baal, must be FUMING right now!

The picture:

Nile released a song & music video about this terrifically insane situation. It’s basically the singer singing from the Islamic State’s viewpoint.

! No longer available

He’s telling us what we already know; Daesh wants to annihilate anything pre-Islamic, anything deemed Satanic, Pagan, but also anything from the Yazidis, the Christians and the Jews.

Magicians like us will NOT be tolerated in the Caliphate! We’ve been warned!

I think we magicians need to start getting involved, take this spiritual warfare to the next level and show them we will not tolerate such discrimination. If we sit back like the pagans and do nothing, they will assume us to be fearful and will continue with such horrific acts. But if we pull together and show them the true power we have, destroy things that they hold dear to their hearts and create fear in their minds, we may have a chance of showing them how powerful we can be and something like this would show them that we will retaliate if need be.

Radicals continue to do these things because no one wants to step up and show them what we are capable of. I would definitely join the ranks of others who would willingly agree to fight back but so far, no one wants to join such a movement. Everyone wants to talk about destroying these people but no one wants to do anything active about it. I will, if others will join in and back me up. I have that rebel warrior spirit about me and I am getting sick and tired of seeing this kind of discriminatory bullshit and not even the governments will come to our aid in times like this. The spirits keep telling me, fight for us to take back what is rightfully ours and yours (meaning them and magicians) but I do not have grandiose delusions, I realize something like this would require the power of many magicians and it it something that one person cannot do alone.

I really want to get actively involved in some way to get equal rights for us, everyone else is fighting for their rights so why can’t we? If they allow one group to have something they desire, they cannot rightfully tell another group no but they do and people just accept the no answer and move along. We get discrimated against and trolled all the time. If a x-tian goes to court for discrimination they will win almost every time but if we do the same the judge will dismiss us as insane and delusional because we believe in magick and the case will be closed with no resolve because most judges are christian and they do tend to take sides based on their beliefs, leaving innocent people to suffer when they have been done wrong. It’s bullshit.

I would talk with a spirit and plan out several curses and spells of mass destructive and chaos but it will do no good if others will not do the same as like I said, one person cannot handle something this massive all alone. Sorry, I just have a fighter spirit deep within me and I hate intolerance for magicians.

i love it! let me know when we form the justice league or political party or magical order or whatever. i’m down for fuckin those fools up! whos with me!?!?

This might be controversial, but in my opinion that was NOT a Temple of Ba’al, it was dusty ruins that had become a sight-seeing destination to gawp at the quaint ways of the past.

Destruction must come before rebirth.

I can think of three distinct situations in my own life, important ones, in which I had to completely give up old relics before the flood of new life could replace them. I like history, museums, but there’s a pathology as well about our tendency to hold onto empty shells.

Rarher than mourning the loss of a disused relic, evoke Ba’al (or Ba’el, opinions vary on that stuff), offer him sweet incense and honey, dates, he seems to like sweet things, burn some pages from a “holy book” of the monotheistic religion of your choice, he seems to like that kind of ritual desecration too.

Carve his sigil into some wood, slate, or marble; or scry something of your own, and give him space in your home, and offerings.

But nothing was lost here, I suspect.

Fucking hate islamic people, i wish i had more resources to be battling against them but i have my mind so crazily occupied right now that its fucking mental.

With ever increasing strangling and apoplectic fury I have been watching islam destroying sites i hold sacred even long before my 'turn to the darkside". and wish there would arise no govermental warriors who would exterminate all who will not behave. Whether this was a temple of Ball, or not- these sickos must be stopped and eliminated!!! and ever given the chance- I will be seen on the front line wiping them out… SMIB

[quote=“Enlightener_Illuminator, post:1, topic:6081”]What a shocker! The Temple of Baal just got smashed into pieces, pulverized into fumes! The Gods, especially Baal, must be FUMING right now!

The picture:

Nile released a song & music video about this terrifically insane situation. It’s basically the singer singing from the Islamic State’s viewpoint.

! No longer available

He’s telling us what we already know; Daesh wants to annihilate anything pre-Islamic, anything deemed Satanic, Pagan, but also anything from the Yazidis, the Christians and the Jews.

Magicians like us will NOT be tolerated in the Caliphate! We’ve been warned![/quote]

Well that’s a start! But now we just need to recruit about 499,998 other magicians to join too. LOL. It takes at least 500,000 people to get anyone with high pull to even listen to you, and at least a million to get them to take you seriously. Why has no one filed to have LHP recognized as an official religion? I know the church of Satan is recognized as an actual religion, I read an article once that said they qualify for tax exemptions and everything but not every magician is a Satanist (whether theistic or atheistic). If you get enough followers you can file as an official relgion, even though most of us do not recognize LHP as a religion perse, as religion indicates worship and most LHP-ers do not worship the spirits they work with but it’s still a belief system.

And if you are officially denoted as a religion you have more opportunities to take an active stance because even though others will still not consider you as a serious affiliation you will still be considered a legally recognized religion which means you have some say in what goes on.

And also, you have to keep in mind that not all Islamists are radicals. There is a definite distinction between being christian or islamic and being a radical christian or a radical islamist. I know a handful of people that grew up as or still identify as islamist and they too cannot stand the radicals. They hate the fact that such radical activists have caused everyone to stereotype all of their kind as irrational martyrs.

The term “Muslim” refers to an adept of Islam; anyone that believes in that religion, practises it, and observes its tenets.

The term “Islamist” usually refers to a Muslim that wants laws of society to be ruled by the doctrines of Islam and Sharia law. Sharia law does prescribe the death penalty for non-violent “crimes of morality”, but does allow for sexual relations w/ girls as young as 9!

And yeah, many Islamists can be considered radicals. British imam Anjem Choudary is one of them, and is currently detained over terrorism charges stemming for his support of the Islamic State group.

Going to my point above, this is interesting - the last act connected to that temple was a human sacrifice, of a man who evidently honoured knowledge and human civilisation more than fanaticism:

[url=http://news.discovery.com/history/archaeology/isis-beheads-elderly-ex-antiquities-chief-in-syrias-palmyra-150820.htm][b]ISIS Beheads Elderly Ex-Antiquities Chief in Syria's Palmyra[/b][/url]

The Islamic State group beheaded the 82-year-old retired chief archaeologist of Palmyra after he refused to leave the ancient city, Syria’s antiquities chief said.

A UNESCO World Heritage site famed for well-preserved Greco-Roman ruins, Palmyra was seized from government forces in May, fueling fears the IS jihadists might destroy its priceless heritage as it had done in other parts of Syria and Iraq.

Syrian antiquities chief Maamoun Abdulkarim told AFP he had urged Khaled al-Assaad to leave Palmyra, but he had refused.

“He told us: ‘I am from Palmyra and I will stay here even if they kill me.’”

Abdulkarim said Assaad was murdered execution-style on Tuesday afternoon in Palmyra, in central Homs province.

“Daesh has executed one of Syria’s most important antiquities experts,” he said, using an Arabic acronym for IS.

Photos purporting to show Assaad’s body tied to a post in Palmyra were circulated online by IS supporters.

The killing is one of hundreds that have been carried out by IS in and around Palmyra since they took the city. The United States, France and UNESCO voiced outrage over Assaad’s death.

“He was the head of antiquities in Palmyra for 50 years and had been retired for 13 years,” Abdulkarim said.

He hailed Assaad as a leading expert on the ancient history of the city, which grew from a caravan oasis first mentioned in the second millennium BC.

“He spoke and read Palmyrene, and we would turn to him when we received stolen statues from the police and he would determine if they were real or fake.”

  • ‘They’ll never silence history’ -

Abdulkarim said Assaad’s body had been hung in the city’s ancient ruins after being beheaded.

But the photo circulating online showed a body on a median strip of a main road, tied to what appeared to be a lamp post.

A sign attached to the body identified it as that of Assaad.

It accused him of being an apostate and a regime loyalist for representing Syria in conferences abroad with “infidels”, as well as being director of Palmyra’s “idols”.

It also claimed he had been in contact with regime officials.

Abdulkarim said Assaad had been detained by IS last month along with his son Walid, the current antiquities director for Palmyra, who was later released.

… UNESCO’S director general, Irina Bokova, said she was “both saddened and outraged to learn of the brutal murder,” adding that “they killed him because he would not betray his deep commitment to Palmyra”.

“His work will live on far beyond the reach of these extremists. They murdered a great man, but they will never silence history.”

Who’s got half an hour free on Sunday to light a candle to affirm the CONTINUING presence of Ba’al, and all the old gods, reborn into our hearts after this babyish destruction by the fanatics?

Seems like the right thing to do somehow, and it shouldn’t be overly demanding.

The Islamic State terrorist group is now planning to BOMB the Sphinx & the Pyramids of Egypt!!! Here’s the propaganda video:

Will all the Ancient Gods let them??? The Islamic State djihadists and associates may soon have to face the wrath of the Spirits of Pharaohs, Ancient Queens such as Nefertiti and Cleopatra, and all those Ancient Gods!!!

ISIL loathes anything non-Islamic and considers such monuments “idolatry”.

What a horrible loss of antiquity.

Islam is the biggest cancer of the world today. If I heard that every Muslim man, woman and child had been destroyed, I would rejoice. But magick doesn’t seem to work that way. It is very slow and subtle. Expect this filth of humanity to continue.

jboy, I replied to you in this thread: