Temp-Possession: Lessons with Lvcifer, & the Art of Charm

Last week I did something pretty unusual for my personal practice - I invoked into myself not just certain -qualities- of a spirit or an energy but a mild form of possession in actually sharing my body and living-experience with an invited entity for an agreed-upon period of time. The lessons learned from this were very interesting to me, and not as sensitive as the details of most of my other current projects (what a lovely Awakening emerging from the Austrian winter, though!), so today I’d like to summarize my partial-possession experience with Lvcifer.

To be especially clear, I should attempt to define the particular contact I mean when I say Lvcifer, and my spelling here is not -only- to remain in fully pedantic form but to hopefully differentiate from some of the many (and in John Milton’s case, often really awesome!) and varied associations most readers are likely to have from both their own readings and their own experiences with spiritual beings and energies under the banner of the name LUCIFER. My relationship with the entity answering for me to the name (and I do use the Classical Latin pronunciation LUKE-if-air) is as far as I know highly uncommon, and to my current knowledge connexion with this particular masque of that divine energy is only shared by two other (highly competent, for what it’s worth) practitioners I’ve spoken with. In addition to the…eccentricity…of my experience of Lvcifer, this entity has for awhile expressed the desire for me to remain relatively close-mouthed about the particulars of his nature in working with me - fortunately, after this working I was given express approval for sharing here, so I hope you’re as happy hearing my account as I am to be finally giving some credit where it’s very much due!

In my particular ‘current’, Lvcifer embodies the Mercurial energies (long story short, my ‘operative cosmology’ operates on a kind of tantric polarity between masculine and feminine metaphysical energies wherein the magickal forces symbolized by the Seven Classical Planets are assigned male [Mercury, implicit/inward ‘feminine’ male; Mars, explicit/outward ‘masculine’ male; Saturn, Polar Male] or female [Moon, Polar Female; Venus, explicit/inward ‘feminine’ female; Jupiter, implicit/outward ‘masculine’ female - an ancient Greek name for the planet Jupiter was Nike, the goddess of Victory] patron divinities [with the Black Sun as Axis in the centre], and different workings can be approached by determining the appropriate balancing of Śivaic and Śaktic qualities of a given possible pairing of planetary/divine magicks) rather than those more common presentations of LUcifer redolent of what I would call (dark) Solar energies. To be very clear, in fact, the Lvcifer I work with partakes in no way of the Xristling, Saracen, or any other Jewish monomania-mythos - while like the popular Lucifer he is certainly opposed to the monotheistic and dissolutive tendencies of the RHP, Lvcifer is not defined by his opposition to an external (and, speaking for Lvcifer and myself here, inferior) spiritual worldview.

This Lvcifer-guise hearkens back to the classical sense anterior to and independent of the later parasitic-invasive influences rife within Rome’s disintegration. As most of you will know, the name Lvcifer consists of lvx (light) and -ifer (-bearer). Commonly associated with the Morning Star (the Ancient Greek cognate would be Eωσφόρος or Dawnbearer), this means in most of the usual understandings Lvcifer’s (and Lucifer’s) etymology would indicate an affinity with the energies represented by the planet Venus (note, though, that Mercury, too, has been referred to as ‘morning star’). And in my own particular experience, there -is- an affinity with the Venusian energies, in the complementary sense of that particular tantric pairing of qualities (one among many) - but that affinity does not in my own practice equate an essential identity after the manner in which Lvcifer has seen fit to identify with the Mercurial energies while working with me.

In this particular manifestation, Lvcifer appears to me as a fair-featured “young” man with a lean build more in the sense of gracefulness than asceticism. His features resemble human ones but are in some way ‘otherworldly’ - there is a hard-to-place quality about his features and lineaments that are refined and attractive but also fey and strange. The eyebrows are particularly pronounced, not so much large as expressive, and drawing in attention to the eyes from which a potent energy like ‘occult lightning’ tends to flash forth to work in the world. His hair is blonde and almost shoulder-length, hanging around his head almost halo-like not quite in full curls but kind of loose twists or not-quite-rings. In addition, there was very much a halo-like projection of light and power around his head in particular - around his temples these almost-solidified into the discernable shape of crowning laurel leaves, while elsewhere it seemed to emanate from his brow as an accompanying ‘cloud’ of golden light. Indeed, one way of accurately describing the impression of this masque of Lvcifer is as having the mien of Apollo and the eyes of Dionysus.

His clothes were rich-looking, but the overall effect was to not really notice anything more than that, so impressive was the energy conveyed by the force that happened to be wearing them. The implements in Lvcifer’s hands, though, were much more significant in what they symbolized. In his left hand was an ornamented goblet - perhaps gold, perhaps just golden in the wash of auric light. Small but well-cut jewels encircled it, and it was a transformative elixir - a poison or venom that challenged the imbiber to discover the cure and transcend the limitations of the past as well as the pressures of the present. A dangerous draught - and unavoidable for the one who would awaken and unlock the mystery hidden with differentiated consciousness and the Quest for theogenesis. The thing in his right hand was much more amorphous and hard to describe or even to really define. Sometimes appearing like a torch, once or twice like a rose, often simply as ‘flames’ or aurora-like patterns of energy whose shifting dance was influenced by each eloquent gesture in turn - this was creative possibility and the powerful influence of guiding others’ thoughts and perceptions with word, gesture, energy, and all the rest.

It was this command of interpersonal perceptual influence on a pre-vision/creation energetic level that I finally saw fit to arrange this temporary possession by Lvcifer in order to learn about, a kind of show-me-how-it’s-done-so-I-know-what-to-work-for approach almost like job-shadowing someone who happened to have briefly slipped into the driver’s seat of my own body!

I’m going to try to skip over what is likely common to -all- possessions, since there is probably more than enough information about that available here and elsewhere, and in this post I’ll try to summarize what I believe is especially pertinent to this work with Lvcifer in particular. Since my personal usage of and experience with possessions is not at all extensive, though, there may be some accidental overlap that isn’t all -that- unique, so I do apologize in advance for any redundancy.

First, during the ‘preparatory immersion’ stage of ‘harmonizing’ my ‘resonance’ with the energy of Lvcifer, I felt it important to pay extra attention to my appearance beyond the norm. Usually I adhere to my own culture that doesn’t find it entirely manly to be very concerned with pleasing appearance beyond cleanliness and bearing/posture, but here I felt the gentle nudging of this Mercurial patron that there was some importance to using a beguiling appearance to affect others to an immediate degree - even if it was superficial, my mercurial trickster advisor informed me impishly but also sagaciously, it was superficial of them; and this particular entity Lvcifer that I have connected to can perhaps be summed up best as employing the craft of ruse and wile to trick others into complicity with the increase of Wisdom and Development. So I squashed my self-deprecating image of ridiculousness, shaved with extra attention to finish, and even kept my hair from being too independently-minded.

I went ahead and dressed to make ready to go out and observe the post-ritual interaction with the public, not sure how the possession would play out so wanting to be pretty much ‘ready to go’ straight out of the ritual. Again, I was encouraged to be especially fastidious in mindfulness towards presentation, and in particular - when I was about to out of consistent habit strap on a pistol - I was shown a very vivid pre-ritual image of Lvcifer holding his goblet and with one free hand either ‘empty’ or visibly holding creative/perceptual energy as varied from moment to moment. Lvcifer was silent, but the message was very clear: there was a reason that amongst largely martial fellow-patrons of mine he did not habitually bear an overt weapon. In order to connect fully with his energy in possession, and in order to really commit to going about things his way, I was going to have to leave that overt weapon behind (I concealed-carry anyway, but I mean ‘overt’ in the sense of it being present in my mind as a purpose-made armament with which to handle anything requiring it). To anyone who doesn’t know me or my culture/caste background, all I can say is that this was HUGE and required a really considerable ‘leap of faith’ when it came to meeting my responsibilities as a man (as I and my fellows see them) should circumstances require. But, strange as it seems, so the decision was made, and the choice of not carrying that weapon instantly brought about a much greater connexion to Lvcifer’s energies.
The possession itself was quite extraordinary compared to my thus-far limited invocations of individual strengths or qualities associated with or inspired by different entities but far short of actual possession. I’m tempted to make this even longer by describing the whole thing in detail, but I really don’t have the time and I would guess much of it is true to some degree of all possessions.

So on to my passenger-seat note-taking of sitting back and enjoying the spectacle of Lvcifer doing his thing with unsuspecting ordinary fucks!
The strongest impression for me personally was of the sheer (quality, certainly but -especially- the magnitude and) quantity of invisible (if you don’t have the senses for it) energy associated with Lvcifer’s temporary stay in my body. As an observer I could not help but be aware of how ‘I’ was positively overflowing with this powerful aura - I couldn’t believe no one was able to see it! Sense it and be affected by it, sure, that was the whole idea, but no one seemed to have any idea what was -really- going on! I know that you, I, and most everyone has some degree of energetic presence from day to day, and I’m no stranger to using mine to subtly affect those around me - but this was like the Sun compared to a clever candle trick. Truly godlike - not in the sense of humbling yourself before, but of Aspiring to.

In particular I was aware of the invisible (only to the unbelievably blind!) laurel-leaf crown and its accompanying ‘halo’ forming an invisible corona around my head. This was all-pervasive, and it was from here that the greater energetic field was manipulated by Lvcifer in interactions with those around us. I would compare it to a kind of lamp emitting some light whose rays were of a frequency and hue undetectable by the common human eye, but which worked marked effects on humankind under its influence all the same. Since Lvcifer’s field of influence here was of a Mercurial nature, said influence was in fact heightened and strengthened by its targets’ ignorance. By not perceiving it, they could not define it, and thus had no power over its manifestation - which manifestation gleefully set about setting up their phenomenal perceptions and thus profane realities in turn. That sentence is the key to this whole working and lesson.

As I watched Lvcifer’s, and I watched ‘my’, expressive gestures and stage-setting carriage, his/our beguiling words and compelling gaze, I gained a MUCH greater respect for what exactly Lvcifer’s magick was all about. It was not a subtlety born from lack of weakness or directness of power - far from it! It was, exactly like my wonted (and to my side gladly returned with a lesson learned, thank you very much!) concealed-carry gun, a hidden force of strength and power. Lvcifer’s charming words, sophistic play, and consensual deception were only so many distractions and attention-holders (in strangely stage-illusionlike manner, as is too appropriate to his humour!) from the genuine and powerful magick that was going on right under everyone’s noses, and with their unwitting help - the subtle but certainly no-less-strong dominance of a true force of power projected from the personality. Not avoiding battle - winning before anyone else even knows there is a fight.