Telling Signs. All in my head?

A, lets say target i’ve kind of let up on for the moment because I have lost interest and stopped doing spells on to get him to contact me because right now I don’t want the communication and longer.

Before all this I had asked for signs that i’ve been heard, things are moving along. You know. Progress.

First off he has a VERY common name. It’s in the bible. But im seeing it constantly even when I no longer want to. Im getting what I asked for even though I no longer want it. Still… A few examples that are fresh in my memory as this has been going on a couple of months.

A lady comes to my home to purchase something. I know her socially. Her husbands name. Yep same.

A gent comes over to purchase as well (im a seamstress for the record lol). Same name.

A couple of days ago (I had moved on so to speak already by this point) I see a home for sale in my area. Street name? Yep.

Now I should state that even though the name is common. I didnt really see it around that much. Not like I am now. I’m feeling like Michael. That movie with John Travolta. At the end where they keep seeing things. I’m trying to brush it off and not take it seriously. I really would just not be “reminded” but can’t deny what my eyes see.

Anyone else take it seriously or kind of like “yeah whatever”. This is just out of curiosity. I think im a bit on the fence myself

Reality relies on the observer. If it’s meaningful to you, then it’s a sign. :slight_smile: Personally I choose to see everything as meaningful, it makes life more exciting.

You letting go of the result could be why the signs are ramping up. If you truly don’t want the outcome of the spell any longer, might be worth undoing it/performing another ritual to release the spell.

It’s just a bit annoying personally. I did ask for it and now its happening. I fear it may be disrespectful to ignore something I asked to have (signs) if that makes any sense.

I had him in a obsession jar and released it about a week ago so that is already undone. This (the street) happened a couple of days ago. If the contact is made then ok fine. I’ll let it play out though I dont intend on responding to him if that happens.

Thanks for your reply!!

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Here we go again…

Dang it