Tell us something you would have done everyday if you knew it sooner

Title says everything.

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Cursing my enemys.


Wouldn’t have made that much of a difference but hell you’re funny. :upside_down_face:

Xd. What is funny if i may ask?

Not make choices I don’t take pride in. / Only make choices I take pride in. --Something Lucifer (Helel) taught me.
(Mostly commenting to see others responses.)

I would have researched and resisted my insatiable lust for results with everything I had.

Teaching and simply playing with the street children in our local area. I disliked not being able to do it with further consistency due to travelling and now, the pandemic.

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Had a strong mental diet, flipped every negative thought into a positive one, and used my time and attention to focus on what I do want rather than what I don’t want :woman_shrugging:


Daily meditation and regularly fasting from social media.


I would have to say energy transferring and psychic feeding.

Dedicating myself to magick.

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“Do the work.” Meaning I should stop running from regular meditation, and looking for shortcuts to avoid doing my fair share.
“You make time for what matters.” Meaning if I keep gorging myself on food and social media, it is because I value that over spiritual progression.

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