Tell us about ur thoughts of magick before

Long time ago … 10y may be … I was thinking of what if I’m having abilities and can be magical like movies and Tv series… I’d love to have Dembeldore wisdom, Lusifer seriousness, and so on
I love Tv serieses so much was addicted and actually lived in my own mind within so much time couldn’t face reality… But when i found the real deal I waked up and went with the right path… Amazing life to discover the true about everything… Anyway,
I thought it’s a lovely thread to share with u guys … Tell us about ur fantasy characters and the powers u thought it’s gonna be great to have it

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I used to be a Baptist. Magick and demons used to scare me to the point of shaking.


In 1990, I permanently borrowed my mother’s Anne Rice novel, Interview with the Vampire, lol. I was hooked, read all her novels, and spent most of my teen years wishing Louis or Lestat would come and grant me vampiric immortality. I still sometimes wish they would, to tell the truth, lol, as long as they would make me young again, too!