Telepathy Thought Sending Experiment

So I must of practiced some heavy forms of alchemy in a past life as it seems i have developed the ability to telepathically send thoughts to anyone in the world, no matter what time of day or where… and they will receive that message and know what thoughts i sent them.

To test my theory, if you would like me to send you a message… just post on this thread, I will send the message and then post on the thread stating that message has been sent (even though you’ll already know anyway - this is just so you can reply on the thread with the message that i sent to verify)… I’ll do this one at a time with different messages so there is no collusion.

I don’t need anything special to connect with you, just your forum name is enough… although just for kicks if you have a personal sigil i may connect with and plant the message on, feel free to drop that on your initial post and i will do just that :slight_smile:


I am in :slight_smile:

I am beginner and I don’t have any personal sigil

@NewBiez - message sent

I’m in too.

This should be interesting… :thinking:

@M_NM - message sent

Hey, I don’t know if I’m wrong…

But did you say, “How are you?” or “Who are you?”

…Or I’m I getting the message from some other place?


Hi, could you channel an entity for me.

@M_NM - i actually thought: “would you like to touch my penis? Lol” - yes childish although i thought i’d keep the mood light :stuck_out_tongue:

@Shoghi no

I’m down

@Untethered - message sent

I got Fire right away, not to sure tho. Also hearing Hello

@Untethered - that could be Fire saying Hello to me… your message was: “who is the scorpion god?”


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Yes please! Send me message!

Send me one!

Unfortunately, I was not able to sense anything. My astral senses have not developed yet. I think that might have been the reason :slight_smile:

I sent my picture via PM so you can focus on me directly.
Best link between us.

@Weeble33 @Angie @jk1987 - individual messages sent

@NewBiez - no worries, my message was: “are you working with Belial?”

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Hmm was it “How are you” not sure senses are not so strong