Telepathy & Spirit communication. my thoughts or spirit's thoughts

Hello All

i have a very simple question.

can anyone please tell me how do i know that the thoughts i am receiving is from the spirit and not my own thoughts? how can someone distinguish the difference.

if these are indeed my thoughts , but i am under the impression that it is a Spirit thought coming throught will the spirit be offended, because of me making s*^t up?

i have worked with 4-5 goetics and it is always the same question in my mind after the ritual

Many thanks


Learning the difference usually comes with practice.

Ask the spirit questions and write down the answers. Eventually, you will be able to tell the difference between the spirit’s voice and your own inner voice through syntax, grammar, and sentence structure.

And no, the spirits won’t get offended if you think your inner voice is the spirit speaking. They understand the foibles of the human mind.


It also helps if you google some of the answers you received for confirmation. There is though a link and a fine line between telepathy and claircognizance… Eitherway, if you get a confirmation it’s a step towards development and then with practice you’ll learn to distinguish the difference.

Edit: Oh and something else, very importand: Trust yourself.


Great Thanks

this what iam thinking as well :slight_smile:

I do this with Tuel for history

i have checked the validity of the info that came from the chanelling and i was blown away. i didnt know such information and it came out to be correct.


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When you’re communicating with spirits telepathically, the answers you get can sometimes come in as an abrupt stream of consciousness. It will cut through your own thoughts or focus, like having a eureka moment. Of course, this all depends on how strong your senses are to begin with.

Depending on the information you get, you should be able to tell if it’s your own thoughts. There’s some things I just know I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.


Hello Phantom

thanks for the advise

i have the same opinion as well

For me with it when the spirits talk the spirits has my thoughts up shut me up I can’t think when their talking