Telepathy matters

Yes, I’d like to know if I’m the only one who “contacts” someone and get a call 3 days later. It always happens this way. I ask this because I don’t know if it’s telepathy or a thoughtform wich is created while in meditation, achieving results 3 days after.

In remote viewing and influencing John Latourrete and Dennis Higgins state that we have a range of influence of 300 hundred metres.

What are your results about remote influencing/telepathy with people?

I frequently receive the thoughts of people that are around me. As far as the sphere of influence goes, our influence reaches much farther than 300 metres. Especially the Anahata chakra through which a lot of this information flows for me, has a much much wider range. Besides that, we’re actually talking about etheric or astral connectivity here. As you know, space and time are quite irrelevant in these dimensions, so a range of ifluence, with a limit, measured in metres doesn’t make sense to me. Or maybe they were talking about the radius of the measurable electromagnetic field around our bodies. I think the Heart Math Institute did some very interesting research on this.

Aha, they talk about shielding oneself against external influences, supposing one’s aura is very weak to remote influencing in those 300 metres (we both in 300 metres, we can influence very easily each other theoretically)

I feel they’re wrong too, not the same laws for both planes, but being with that doubt from then on.