Telepathic communication

I once had a conversation with Simon Magus. It was in the form of a telepathic channel. I asked him…

“How do I know that I am not just having this conversation with myself? How do I know you are real and really who you say you are?”

“Intention.” He answered. Clear your mind, reach the first veil then as if making a call, you simply intend the conversation through the veil of the unconscious mind."

“So how do I know you aren’t just a schizophrenic aspect of me?” I pressed this because I know that mental illness is no joke.

“I am an extension of your will. You create me and I create you as thought forms in perceptive reality. I am in your imagination and you are in mine.”

This felt like a dead end that resulted in doubt until I saw EA Koetting do a video about a similar conversation with Azazel. On that day… I knew that I had really spoken to Simon Magus.

Now I take what EA calls the gamma/theta sync very seriously… But it has me thinking.

Everyday people have these conversations with people in their head all the time. They doze off doing this. They day dream while having a conversation in their head with the asshole that took the last bagel two days earlier. I imagine this contributes to tension between people at a subconscious level.

What kinds of experiences have you had with the exploration of these different levels of mental work and mental transmutation?

I have had telepathic communications with physical people in most serious rituals I do that have more then one person involved. During the first one I did it was kinda embarrassing because a bunch of stuff that I never told anyone just came out.An extreme example is for some reason I have a tendency to do this thing where I try to figure out how long my teeth are with my toung and my occult teacher told me that I did that. I never told anyone about that because you know, why would I?

It’s such a strange sensation, being awake. I never thought that the things going on in my mind had any real substance. I thought that physical reality just… Was. I never stopped to think for a second that it was a result of my deepest subconscious mind.

When I was a kid, I just wanted to do impressive things with magick. When I was an angry teenager and young adult… I felt helpless and wanted to see the world burn… Now that I am where I am though makes it seem so absurd to think that things were ever any other way. I see how much power I really do have and that alone is awe inspiring. Now that certain illusions have been broken I now see how there was never a time that I didn’t have this power… Only a time when I was completely oblivious. Just like most people are. They often call magick a fairy tale. They treat it like Fantasy, but each one of them uses its essence from moment to moment without knowing it and even if you tell them. They feel cognitive dissonance and they hate you for it. Fascinating…

We should have a telepathy training thread on the forum perhaps someone could send out a simple shape or color and others could receive and reply as to what image they saw. The sender would then respond with hit or miss. I’m curious as to if telepathic messages can be sent between persons who have never had physical contact or even seen an image of the other individual. Considering remote viewing I think this would be possible would anyone care to experiment with me I can start it off I’m sending out a simple shape.

Purple/yellow hexagon?

Nice! freaking spot on hit! but not the yellow part.

your turn randomguy. send us one.

Alrite done

I’m getting a pentagram or pentagon red?

Miss but the red was close

What was it a pink triangle? jk

It was a pink triangle

Ok I’m going to send out another one. here I go.

purple pentagram?

Try it one more time. I’m going to focus more on sending this out cus I think you can nail it.

It’s a simple one.

purple square?

Oh Hell Yeah!

alrite, i’m gonna send another one

I would love to do this more but the wife needs me so got to go but I’m going to try again tomorrow. Good practice! Cheers! but was it a blue circle?