Technomancy techniques

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Basic technomancy

Introduction by Anonymous Techniques by AnonymousIntroductionComputers. Robots. Machines. Wires. Displays. People. Which one doesn’t belong? To this question, there is no wrong answer, as all of these have something in common. That thing, is that they are all linked to a multipurpose grid called the Wired or the Grid of the planet, the ever-so-vast Digital World that overlaps with reality and it’s many forms, including astral space and the afterlife. In this space, beings known as Technomancers, Users, or Practicioners use the power of an emerging art called Technomancy to make ends meet, these ends Technomancers can manipulate the Grid of energy and use Technomancy, by this feat, with only their mind, actions and their thoughts, as if the brain itself were a computer, and the many levels of consciousness were an operating system. They execute various commands using Complexes or Packages, thought programs that run on a thought based command prompt, travel throughout the Grid via a means Combat can ensue in the Grid for sport or as a matter of survival, and many beings live that live and breathe in the Grid will tell you that it is more often for sport and survival. Likewise, efforts of great heroics and great villainy can occur on a daily basis. And all you need to get in on the action is a brain and basic knowledge of how magic and computers work. Hope to see you there :slight_smile: - AnonymousBasic How-To for The Basics-Booting Up-This is done by waking up in the morning and letting thoughts flow for about-Submerging in the Wired-A command such as the words “Jack In”, “Submerge”, “Connect to Wired” or thoughts that you are ‘in’ is used with the intent of entering or perceiving the Grid of the planet. It is best -Leaving the Wired-To do this, a command among the lines of “Jack out”, “Leave”, “Disconnect from the Wired” or think your ‘out of it’ with the intent of leaving it is needed. Remain still while doing this unless you otherwise cannot. As your spirit that you spent to get to the wired comes back to you. The spirit -Complex Threading-You need at least one to thirty minutes of quiet to do this at first. Meditate and concentrate on thoughts related to creating a new power within yourself or creating a package for use with technomancy. This package is sometimes called a Complex. Feel like you are typing the code yourself while doing this. Afterwards, drink a glass of water and eat something sugary and/or juicy to recharge. To use the complex package, think of it and then think of the action related to it, then will it to be.The idea is to be on thought of use for the complex package to be of use and work for you. Which I call a package, there is a package and complex list that you can use preexisting complex packages to have here. Once you do its partly psionic in nature an that allows for some effects otherwise not noticeable.Some package complexes are here.-Absorbing Resonance energy- Resonance is the energy used in technomancy formed from electricity and bionic energy. It is naturally regained by drinking water, showering, eating sugary or juicy foods, and being near. You gain the ability to absorb anything, easily, by using Resonance energy.-Resonance Charging : Food-To charge an edible item with Resonance and cause it to be charged, use the Resonance from around you, preferably natural Resonance (all resonance from the above method is natural) and channel it into the food or drink. The flavor should change dramatically. This may or may not be a good thing. The effect of the resonance charge is to cause yourself to regain lost energy two -Resonance Charging : Items-To charge an object to make a Resonance Ego or AI, you must have at least 5-15 minutes of quiet and some water or a computer nearby. Hold the object and channel resonance from the source (a glass of water or the computer) into the object. The water collects the resonance from the electric flow. The object should then gain intelligence and be able to be used to enhance Complex package effectiveness. To use the AI ego just think to it what you want it to do. It will comply if you -Creating food and items-To create food and water or other items, from Resinance energy, just think that the food, water or other item, is there. And, act as though it were there. Thinking, as you do so, that it is there and being able to be worked with, then it will be there…at first it will be invisible, but the more energy you put into it being there, the more it will slightly appear and then fully appear to you. When it fully appears near you, or in your hand. Then, it will actually be there by the food, water or other item either manifesting or you ending up with the food, water or other item, somehow.What helps this is stating, “I want this food or drink or item, to be here.” While, thinking its there.-Resonance Field Detection-To perceive a Resonance Field or personal aura of some, you must act like you are seeing an aura with the third eye, but with the intent of seeing resonance and auras. To blur your eyes and blink them with focus to see the aura and resonance field, is making you able to see the resonance or aura as you refocus your eyes. Or, glimpse something somewhere and look out the corner of your eye at it. -Resonance Shield-To create a Resonance Shield, focus on the resonance around your body, your own Resonance field, and harden it into a geometric shape or program some other defensive. -Digitos Summoning and Interaction-To summon a Digitos, or digital spirit, one must first find an entry point for one of them, which is often things that are electronic, like a computer or an item. Focus on the entry point and send your Resonance to it. The Digitos will come out as a 3.5” sprite-like being or as a being that appears as your own choice, that is about 60% of the time the opposite gender of you. Each entry point will have similar Digitosi, and usually the same ones each time. To interact, use your thoughts or your voice in a whisper. If you wish them to help you, please do so kindly, as they are sentient beings and often the ones.Friday, July 3, 2009

Advanced technomancy

Written by SkyhawkIntroduction The advanced stage of technomancy is to understand that you are the medium of effect and the electricity is the force that could make it happen as well as resonance from machines . This energy is channeled from water or the computer or the electrical wire. The electrical energy feeds your biological energy and sometimes through water intake as resonance. What you sacrifice, you gain or cause an event to occur something else by released energy of resonance. This released energy adds to the energy lost during a technomancy effect or to the energy you get from the computer. Its the direct manipulation of the machine and digital information by magic where the manipulation of machines and digital information by psionics is technopathy. Sacrifice is letting go of something and can be used in place of water or sugary food intake, while your knowing it, being of it, and doing it. In the sacrifice, called sepulchural, the released energy is as in the knowing it, in that you sense it there as a potential force to work with it as the resonance. Some drink water to capture that released energy. Some might say that it is with duty that you go and achieve with it. Its like a pool of water though, as its a pool of energy an it can dry up if used till its end unless replenished. The sacrifice in this is also giving something up and using that energy as resonance to make it redirected and as fuel for some other feeling or action. With water taken in, it can double the effect of the resonance released. This is when we go sepulchura, to do and be of use using of the energy that was made available when something was given up. Channel that resonance into water and drink it and you literally can feel fifty to one-hundred percent better and more energized for the next act. With the right sacrifice, and thought of when and what you want to happen. You can do things as if a master or as though able to achieve what you want. Or, circumstantiously you can cause an event that is thought up. With a sacrifice the resonance energy makes it possible to even do magic and other things not possible. Consider it as though you were doing the impossible.-The medium effect- The medium effect is to channel the idea by thinking of it an create an artificial or machinelike affect called by causing the effect or action using the thought of idea as an energy force and some resonance. As long as the idea is thought on or the idea is acted out, then your thought up effect will happen. So, to get a positive effect, think of an ap or appliance to approach with the how of it. As the method to achieve it and then the effect that you want is there by thought. As, electrical energy is negative in effect, if you thought of the effect before the means then you might get a negative action result. So think of the means before the effect for a positive action result. You can still use this effect of negative action by mentioning what you don’t want and then the effect disappears what you don’t want. Call this a negative shield, which is gone on more about later in this doc. When you are the medium, you can touch something an it becomes the medium to achieve what you think about, state or do action for as though a biological or mechanical machine. -The electric ghost- To believe it will work, makes it work by the resonance energy causing you to do things or others to do things that you direct your thoughts to. There is a ghost energy effect though. That uses resonance and will will get you to the idea you want as if it were manifested. As the electricity can make your thoughts real or as though a person other than you caused them. And the person is what you want to do things. Said person is as if an electric ghost or a null person that you direct your thoughts to and think what you want to happen by saying it or thinking about it after you think of the electric ghost. Consider it a ‘sepulchurel’ being. Where you think what you want and the electricity makes it happen by a ‘sepulchera’ action. The ghost exists because of you sending energy out and this energy is converted to resonance from your soul. It is sent through your aura. It then forms into a new you as you need things and its form is electrical ether powered by electricity and resonance. To the effect that it can cause events to be achieved. As though you want the thing you see, or want something and the ghost makes it come to you. This is a sepulchurel being in definition. So be careful what you want or ask for unless you make boundary limits. Set an effect by saying it in this case, of ‘nothing bad will come to pass or come to me to act on me that I don’t want.’ -The control effect- What you can see is to think, happens even moreso with advanced technomancy. Some consider it a contol effect, As to think of the person or thing and say at least in your mind what you want the person or thing to think. As the affinity effect happens here. Or, like causes like purpose in action or idea. This thought, it pops up and causes events as through the person or things reaction to it if it were acted out or upon. Its too bad person effects cannot be called upon.-The negative shield- The negative shield is brought up by thinking of the energy around you and thinking what you want it to do (to form a shield around you or the area). Then think of te effect without thinking of the means that you want to happen and it won’t have occurred. Thinking of the means before the effect, again, causes it to make the action happen as though in effective measure. This can be combined with programs or packages that automate the effect you want as described or thought to act. The rule of thumb for this is the math rules of making combined positives and negatives where A negative number times or divided from A negative number makes A positive. And a negative number times or divided from A positive number makes a negative number. So thinking of the means is a negative, timed by the energy to make a positive outcome timed by the effect you want. Creating the double positive. Then adding the effort thats timed to cause or achieve it as a triple positive. Whereas the called up negative energy timed with thinking of the positive effect with added effort timed to make it happen is still with a negative result action. -Combining effects with a cause- To effect a cause to achieve more efficiency and then cause more effect while feeling theres a cause for it. This is combining effects at the right time to achieve results that suit your purpose. Like, working with something to do things and getting the other person or things rhythm, so that you know and perceive what you want as well as what the other person or thing is thinking and perceiving. Then to feel the idea of the effect of what is done. To know the center of energy of the other and adding to it at the right time that is when the other is doing something. Making it something else more powerful. -Stage 2 protection- To do this thought of stage-2 protection is simply put, as its to make yourself seem elsewhere while you are where you are. Think you won’t be hurt. Apply the idea of placing in your head yourself somewhere else while being of where you are and you appear with focus as of elsewhere. So think of resonance and think of a circle surrounding you that displaces you by displacing energy on a thought to elsewhere. This can be many colors and that is white or grey in color fill. White for rejecting something in an area, Grey for making yourself unseen while it blocks out peoples presence. You may use black or blue but they do different things, as applied black absorbs the effects and idea of whats around the person seeking protection. Blue applied makes absorption of things that are energy while it blocks out unwanted things. The monster block is blue black, applied to make you absorbing while it blocks out things and people and makes you unseen. -Listening- To listen, feel your energy feel the energy around ya as you sense it as it hums. Feel the resonance and channel it to do something. It should work to your will, and do things. So let it sharpen your hearing and what you try to do by channeling the resonance into yourself. Let it strengthen you and you can focus on the area that you think on and you will hear what is there. You will be able to remember more easily too as you listen to your memories.-Finishing up- Enjoy yourself while you try out the technomancy. It can serve you as well as you want it to. So feel free to explore with it. Sacrifice wisely and try not to use blood sacrifice. Although sacrifice isn’t really good, it can be used to generate resonance like in a water pool

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Isn’t this simply Psionics?

you can use a a computer works well but it’s mostly all in the mind simply psionics not like a you can use the box but anything electronic or digital cable work better than a box or you can hook up the box to the digital that I have a technique that I tried and it works wonders for me I have a buddy who purchase the evocation I came up with a theory and he knew I was basically insane genius build a machine basically a spirit machine bind spirits to every circuit the results were amazing he said that the machine could only be f***** by a man who was completely insane or a genius it c so try creating image create a radionics box with a radio transmitter from the ground up also meditation goggle can have effects for example fine spirits to the circuitry two of the medication or lucid dreaming goggles like the angels of have ascent the meditations would basically activates parts of your brain the more powerful that normally those goggles wouldn’t be capable of because you have spirit energy going through the energy of your bring the Angels or a demon whatever you choose to basically influence your brain capacity elementals work perfectly in meditation for brain transmutation mind machine

Do you have a photo of the machine, and especially where the spirits are assigned to certain “circuits?”

it’s a wishing machine the plans are easy to find but my plans were from a website that no longer exists called future horizons look up future horizon wishing machine and you’ll find the plans

Caduceus_05.pdf (63.6 KB)

IMHO, I think there is a strong possibility that Psionics (radionics) is a genre of ritual whose potency lies in the modern mind’s familiarity with technical and electronic equipment. i.e. Facilitating belief.

Do radionic devices in themselves accumulate power based on a design other than by the amplifying patterns which we already use in the seal of entites in ritual? eg. the spiral, the circle, the triangle, the cross, etc.