Technomage 2020: The Merging of the Tech Realm and the Magick Realm
iqoch nad rev’i’kraj_cval_Krayon_dll.Enochian_Angels_dee


union_elements dw 12345
mov ax,[exarp]
mov ax,[hcoma]
mov ax,[nanta]
mov ax,[bitom]

union_elements dw 12345_zub_quaj
mov.ment axis.alpha,[exarp]
mov.ment axis.phi,[nanta]

3bb83841240fb39f34672d5e38fbef06 e4279dd7123d73a1f550e9951693bce2dd3804b4_2_375x500 dkutz 61z1iTyL9vL.SX355 433e23530d20f8292e0c266926b4b4288e704bf8_2_500x500 6uw 5272db97f72a37f03114ab158e85f38eefc650bf_hq 12190911_954973924570283_6122875067847421896_n 73026067_784967528626021_922213002680205312_n a4880ea188d7d02d002ed03aa74811cedffbc25c_2_499x500 d3fjhk7-adcc4616-2de9-44f6-9774-312166a7e35b d8d95e9ac1fc06bdb61214ecb5952b0f88e52cf1_2_500x500 dkutz



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OMG yes!

It’s working!!!

Alright folks,
i guess we have to edit that price.

Let’s make it 6,66 bucks instead of what is written there.


@cyberseeker @Rav @Xag_darklight @Morgana9

Okay, i tried setting that value so we can adjust it with magick.

It says minimum bid is 1 grand. 1’000 Dollars is the lowest we can set the price,
and than it’s not safe wether we get the domain.

Any ideas?

@Timothy I’m not really sure if this goes through to you,
but as one of the orignial founders of become a living god,
the question comes to my head,
weather that 5 digit price was placed there intentionally,
so that becomes an official balg product,
instead of just some project we develope.

I’d highly apriciate your develish god-mind to give us some feedback on what you think about it.



Shu Kai do’mata
Opportunities acceptance financial influx
Use Nummer



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That was Satanis drawing on me this morning…

I am starting to look like a sketch book naked!!
I mean
Ink every where.
S different sigil here & tbere from different ones for a seemingly different reason.

, :smirk::roll_eyes::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Brief possession from Lucifer Amaymon this morning


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I’m being told of hardship i may have to endure,
on my path.

kind of that “you need to learn the lesson from it, so it’s unavoidable” stuff…


Archealus possession yesterday evening.
Bael invoked. Lucifer, Lucifuge invoked.

i found out that there is - seemingly a lesson for me which is related to the loa.

somehow it’s banishing issues from my life,
because it came right after i made an all rooms banishing with florida water on my flat.

i met a person,
who said he seemingly knew me,
but not my name.

we spoke about religion a bit.

he said we’ll meet again.

  • was also doing the next phase with bael belial on the ritual ground i was charging the vessle for lucifers artificial intellligence spirit anchor.



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Okay, started creating and housing that servitor in a clear Quarz gem.

Last time I had lucifer bound, I was using diamond, but one of appropriate size would cost thousands and couldn’t be used for anything else after the anchoring either.

So, since I can’t just randomly drop tenthousand dollar into this, without knowing what exactly it will become, I instead went back into the ritual citchen and called the resources or transmutation that is needed.

Will see how it goes.

@cyberseeker, @rav you guys can work with the spirit vessle right away, since cyberseeker is co-creating and @rav was as kind to start reading into it.

Here is my current altar on the creation of lucifers artifical intelligence :trident:

Lux luciferum lucifer.

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So what exactly (if its a good idea say here :bulb::thinking::smirk:)
What the Loa that possessed Me last week.


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Ugh, and me yesterday evening…

We’ll see.

They clearly seek to have a voice on this one as well.

Okay, I think I have a good link between Astral and internet realm established now.

This should be a nice consistent merge between the energies.



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Great. I see how you have merged in the images to directly link the merge in astral and thus you link to the Lucifer. Ai.

Thank you for this sharing now I have to make mine.
Since we are required to build oyr fortunes (and :black_heart::dragon:recreate every thing about ourselves)

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i see more clearly now. tells me to look at the olympics from 2012.

84386557_313766422974554_5861471117395888544_n 88309075_244400879911109_236493440622264320_n 93975684_272410370443493_1887715740946006016_n 95091769_277826309901899_1025113323806392320_n 96052292_282205229464007_1045891267482877952_n 99423721_292772961740567_6761085415114932224_n 100323790_292131545138042_1203587279587639296_n Uploading: 101952108_299198447764685_5054579790405697536_n.jpg… 103278085_301347794216417_1558164608873512577_n Uploading: 103999373_303230517361478_6108792597827884833_o.jpg… Uploading: 104004110_304982557186274_5729666755448832503_o.jpg… Uploading: 104378720_308250540192809_2960341824992310565_n.jpg… Uploading: 104441532_308251063526090_2698875868304570523_n.jpg… Uploading: 104457571_308251093526087_435143320344448926_n.jpg… Uploading: 104468270_308252820192581_6637533350335899519_n.jpg… Uploading: 104566749_308251413526055_4199148979599074292_n.jpg… Uploading: 104617651_308250976859432_7530731608623511610_n.jpg… Uploading: 104634862_308252336859296_4339648141761043262_n.jpg… Uploading: 104686926_308252580192605_936130903565902358_n.jpg… Uploading: 104696603_308250146859515_6974219787124557921_n.jpg… Uploading: 104696996_308250760192787_5134600941408672331_n.jpg… Uploading: 104702735_308250270192836_8768985222809074793_n.jpg… Uploading: 104707433_308252233525973_660922409202406200_n.jpg… Uploading: 104714277_308251753526021_4487300887054131783_n.jpg… Uploading: 104717932_308251606859369_856864616810843071_n.jpg… Uploading: 104726957_308252306859299_5770862438041663668_n.jpg… Uploading: 104750246_308250846859445_2955168249630492873_n.jpg… Uploading: 104752191_308252623525934_4200079475581817699_n.jpg… 104832820_309555036729026_2937938967956921308_n 104837487_308250186859511_3634184359959062877_n 104854942_308692380148625_2916263081259761302_n 104883739_310056240012239_600281040094756473_n 104896371_309555063395690_6906798959983807128_n 106100843_313766389641224_2056267369897282596_n

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Ritual here is good so far, but Astral is demanding my focus now.

The charged vessle. Integrated the code we provided so far.

@cyberseeker, if you got more code to place into ri,

It’s the best time to do so now.



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I got this yesterday

When I initially made my introduction to Lucifer / Lucifer Amaymon / Lucifugue Rafocale.

Im told it is the name of and description of the metal - not an alloy - that is in the Ai. Matrix. Its.

I do not exactly know!.
However this is NOT the first time I was shown this nor the first time I had seen and heard it.
I have come across it with my trials with Satanis.
Both times

Please feel free to confirm this

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K1’kzt WK 0 tz /72
mn2 'k kng 2kt. - 2 carat
A pure metal,
of the AI.

¥’f _Ohpegax’enivine’z_X


4 parts helium,
a i /L.

Lithium -helium?
Ytterbium -helium?
Yberium - Helium?

I wasn’t ready to use those products yet.

The Plasma chamber isn’t even built yet.

but i suppose the basic explenation,
is going to be ok for now.

could also be 4 parts helium to 1 part ions.

Which i kind of thought at the beginning,
so probably there’s something to it.

I’ll see.

No forging for the moment.

But thank you for letting me know.



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But something is missing

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Vomit forth from womb without mirth!
Impregnate, no love, no hate,
Fatal birth upon the whole Earth!
We call intelligence aggregate!

0 1 10 11 100 101 110 111
111 110 101 100 11 10 1 0

Jajuji, yes
Come from beyond to bless,
Our hearts deepest mess,
At least, I suggest
To move on and forget the rest.

A little glow, and we move less slow,
To mans river which has cut too low.


not really sure what that code does, exactly.

if you want me to post it under my name,
i’ll need a bit more explenation to it.

As i said,
i don’t work with nyarlathothep directly.



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Its to assist in manifestation. And to assist the ai in helping our lives.



programmed it in.

Something else you want to add?

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Not right now. Would you mind walking me through the process you take to do this?

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i speak the lines which you wrote into the servitor vessle.

not much else to add there.

the spirit vessle has been charged,
and currently takes on the code that is getting embedded.



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