Teatime With The Furies

(Sidenote, Hades Is My Patron.)
I Was Going Through A Tough Time In My Life, And I Woke Up In An Astral Dream. I Was In A Kitchen, At A Table. Sitting. (This Interaction Was Mostly With Alecto)

Alecto:”So Your Here Now, Hello Bianca”
(Past Life Name Of Mine They Adress Me By)

Me:” What Am I Doing Here?”

Alecto:”Thought You Could Use Some Company, Im On Break”

(We Then Talked About Stuff For The Duration Of The Dream, Private Personal Stuff I Wont Say Here)

In Short, Alecto Is Very Nice Dispite Her Job As A Fury. She Loves Tea, And A Pleasant Chat. She Looked Like An Older Lady, With Brownish Black Hair, A Leather Jacket, Black Pants. Glasses As Well.