Teaching tarot, giving you my spreads

As an astrologer and a tarot reader, I have developed many spreads on my own, some others I have learn trough my path. Also I have corrected some to make them more functional.

Now here is the deal: I am willing to teach one spread to anyone who want’s to learn it, just pick one from the list below and PM me (also if you want to learn more than one or have a complete course we can arrange it).

My teachings are Rider Waite based, but I guess they can also work for Marseilles or Thoth .

Here is the list of spreads:

Solving problems (5 to 11 cards)

Sophrosine: to see how a person is dealing with the problem (5 cards)

Pantheon: to guide you in your task (13 cards)

12 houses (13 cards)

Relationship (21 cards)

love triangles for three or more people involved (from 9 cards up)

(Sorry the images are in spanish)