Teaching is Stressful as Hell

I’ve been getting increasingly active on different occult forums in the last few months, to the point where people are actively asking for my help. So far it’s been fairly simple shit like tips for spells or explaining concepts. That I can do in my sleep. I never expected nor wanted to get involved past a superficial aspect. Here’s 2 recent examples of how that got thrown out the window.

The first case is an atheist chick who was researching witchcraft online and dabbling in it. Apparently she was good at it, because she managed to evoke something. That’ll fuck up your religious views quick. So she’s freaking out, not knowing if she’s going crazy and not sure if she can trust the spirit. I had to walk this this chick through properly cleaning, banishing, and shielding because she just fucking skipped that part of the research. And then I had to identify the spirit, help her confirm it was safe, and teach her the basics of working with a spirit guide.

What was nerve racking is that at a certain point I felt like they were my responsibility. If I fucked up I could have possibly driven this girl insane or something. Never get that invested. Thankfully, everything worked out and now she has a spirit friend to guide her.

Second case is a chick that specifically requested help from a girl. What? Fuck my genitalia, now I’m curious.

“It’s an incubus isn’t it?”

“How’d you know?”

“Supernatural and possibly embarrassing to talk about. WTF else would it be?”

So she starts PMing me and we get to talking about her life. I was able to accurately guess her sun sign with small bits of information, which I’m proud of myself for. Shout out to Lady Eva for getting me into astrology again, I’m loving it now.

Before we could even get back on the topic of demons and spirits we needed to unblock chakras and bring up issues from her past. And I was subjected to some horrifying shit. Like, abusive, PTSD, make you hate all men type of shit. Epathy is getting shut off for the rest of 2018.

And when all that was done I linked her to some books from Crowley and got her started on demonolotry.

So that was my week. I don’t even remember what the point of this story was…

Don’t become a guru unless you’ve got xanax on demand. That’s your moral. Have a good one.


I was thinking of seeking a guru, but changed my mind after realizing that no one can teach you about the things your called out to learn better then your self .
You can share knowledge but it’s up to the magician on how to use the teachings into there practices
I mean aren’t the most powerful magicians use 60% intuatution and 40% occult knowledge
They shove themself in room alone for days to figure there shit and how to make it work for them .
Besides I think you should be careful on who you choose as student some are just driving by there ego in this path with no main purpose.


I also want to add that learning to say “no” in a respectful manner is the key to peace of mind on forums. :+1:

Personally, I get far more annoyed by experienced magicians who whine about being swamped with requests, than I do the honest neophytes simply asking for help.

Why so? The neophytes can’t be expected to mind-read whether you can or cannot easily take on their requests, whereas people who have genuinely got experience with magick should be capable of setting basic boundaries, without either feeling or generating any resentment.

You make yourself one good respectful answer as your basic template, you keep a copy of it, and you paste it in with any necessary minor modifications when you receive a request you cannot or do not wish to take on, and you walk away with a clean conscience within seconds. It’s not rocket science!


They may be wasting your time. For example, there’s a special group of people here that seem bored and like they’re just trolling. The kinds of “problems” some of them have usually end up being a problem of waiting, or reading comprehension.

It’s to the point where I actually can’t tell who truly needs help, since I watch many spin into a volley of questions and deliberately ignore people’s suggestions countless times around the forums (and privately). It’s like talking to a deaf person.

Is this some new vamping technique? It’s lame and amateurish.

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Please always flag any posts you have concerns about, people sometimes don’t realise they are asking to excess, and yes, a small number may have less innocent motives.

You may spot a pattern that I and other members have missed, and this forum is set up for Member Moderation, so everyone has a say in addressing things they find undesirable. Wherever people flag I will attempt to either notify you personally what actions were taken, or the system will send an automated response that a topic or user is being closely monitored. :+1:

This helps the community look out for itself.

All flags are kept private, and the person you flag will not be notified. To flag a post or PM, click the three dots … at the bottom of the post and select the flag-shaped icon, there is a confirmation stage and you can add a message that details your concerns.

Flags do not trigger any automatic action towards that person, though if several different members flag the same post, it may be hidden pending review, and if a topic acquires a lot of different flags from different members it may automatically lock for a few hours, this is to give people time to cool down if a fight kicks off or something. :+1:


Hmmm , never flag before as it may come out as I myself is the one who is whining about petty thing. May be it is time to go the other way.


Flags are not whining, they’re you being part of the immune system of this forum, and part of helping the next person, and the next, who may be bothered by the same thing, and quietly leave the forum instead of raising their voice.

There is no sanction for flagging something, if I disagree it’s an issue it’s not a black mark against YOU! :smiley:


Except that you didn’t have to do anything at all. Kudos for being the big person and all, but your only responsibility is to your happiness.
I think it’s ok to say, “here is my advice based on my experience… and… try this, that and the other” and make it clear from the get go people cannot abdicate responsibility for themselves on to you. I’m happy to share what I can, I’m not happy to be leaned on.

People must learn to stand up in their own power, black magicians especially, and I think there’s a difference between giving support and coddling someone, which does them a great disservice.

Is it wierd that I feel like making love to what this forum represens


In protection of people like me I would like to say I have a habits from another kind of forums - technicals. I want everything to be clear and keep notes. I am really sorry if created some unpleasant emotions :roll_eyes:





You what mate???

That’s a good point. And it’s not like I blame them. It’s more like I thought I was the shit and could handle something like this but ended up doing to much.

I definitely know how to handle it for next time.


I just meant that this forum is awesome lol

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your a great teacher its hard yeah i kno how you feel but very rewarding i actually like it so i wanna encourge you to keep it up your considered as a higher up n magick you have knowledge to make us all experts lol but still your doing great


Very True :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Something I learned with my own students in the Dojo is that my Job as a Teacher Is to get them up to a certain point in Ascent, then let them handle themselves from there.
I cannot carry the energetic share of the load for them.

Imagine being responsible for 30 peoples progress and growth because power is moving through you and into them.

When you actively Teach Baneful Magic, (or any kind of magic) things get crazy really fast :ok_hand:

But I love it tho. I fucking love it.


To be honest this is my take on it, I love teaching others.

I’m a little different however, I don’t want to be a guru, nor your master. I just want to help you along your ascent, to give new magicians a smoother ride.

I know and many of us know, getting to adepthood isnt always easy on your own.

Think back all of us, remember those times in the library, we’d read on cultures around the world, traditional witchcraft, demonology, mythology etc.

Remember the late nights, online research, creating rituals and going through trial and error.

I mean sure I get requests daily, however that doesn’t stop me from helping.
If knowledge is gained then that knowledge should be shared. Alas the constant growth of our species as a whole.

Yeah it can become difficult but as a teacher, you teach them the needed skills, not just rituals and invocations.

Give them the nessercary skills, set up tests for them, once these skills are learned.

Tell them to take the situation into their own hands, you’ve taught them how to ride the bike, now they might learn some new tricks on their own.


I’m pretty sure your second request for help was on r/occult lol. I could of swore I saw a post like that

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Ayy! Someone else who follows reddit

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Yeah I’m always on reddit, just not a huge fan of the occult page tho. Theres usually nothing but hate for anything LHP related

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Welcome the the light side (said in death Vader voice) “Is nice to be nice.” Sorry just watched gumball it was funny.
Truth is we all will be or have been there. The point to rember is detachment. We all want to help but we can’t let the help become more that just that. Good luck

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