Teaching Evocation to your Children

The Grimoire of Bikini Bottom:
Evocation for Children

(If you Laugh, you are damned :joy:)

If you want your kids to grow and start learning magic, use cartoon characters to be evoked before introducing them to demons.

Spirit of Humor, Sacrcasm, and Childlike perception

Spirit of Stoicism, Psychic Ability, and Music
Hes a goddamn octupus. Any octupi (Cthulu for example) are known for their extreme psychic ability

Sandy Cheeks
Martian spirit of Martial Arts, Science, and Technology

Patrick Star
Spirit of Plain Stupidity

Mr Krabs
God of Money, business, frugality, and cheapskatedness

Spirit of Mischeif and Evil Plans

You can Apply the same concept to Disney shows, and Dora The Explorer, Power Rangers, etc etc

This was part satire, but im dead serious on the other end.




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Hierarchy Of Progression according to age

0 yrs - 4 yrs: Yo Gabba Gabba; Teletubbies; Shit like that

4 Yrs - 6 yrs: Dora or some shit like that

6 yrs to 8 yrs: Nickolodeon related shit (Fairly odd parents; Danny Phantom; My Life As a Teenage Robot)

8 yrs - 12 yrs: Disney related shit (Thats So Raven; Hey Jessie; High School Musical)

12 yrs -18 yrs: Hardcore Black Magic :joy::joy:


after hearing this i believe some people are possessed by patric star lol


Infernal Homeschooling/Cirriculum

Wanna teach your Little shitstain the Alphabet?
Here you go:

A is for Azazel

B is for Belial

C is for Cthulu

D is for Dratallion and Dantallion

E is for Erishikagal

F is for Focalor

G is for Gremory

H is for Haagenti

I is for Incubus

J is for Jinn

K is for Kaltemtal

L is for Lucifer

M is for Marbas

N is for Naamah

O is for Ornias

P is for Paimon

Q is for (N/A cant think of a Demon whose name starts with Q)

R is for Raum

S is for Sitri

T is for Torngarsuk

U is for Uriens

V is for Valefor

W is for The Watchters

X is for Xalas

Y is for Yenaldooshi

Z is for Zepar


I couldn’t think of one off the top of my head either so I got my trusty Dictionary of Demons out… Quyron seems like a pretty solid pick as a multi-purpose demon of mimicry:


Not for nothing, but I cannot be the only one who thinks teaching a kid from 0-4 evocation to be a very, very bad idea.

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I’m fucking dead !:joy::joy::joy::joy: This is awesome !




Qulielfi, Qalilitu, Qalmana.


Please evocing spongebob and telletubbies? This is wrong on so many levels, reach children some good values insteed.
For financial gain thy should evoce scrooge McDuck.
Learn your kids to enjoy god cartoons(;

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Not sure if he qualifies as a demon, but Qayin should definitely count as an infernal type too.

We’re going to have some rather concerned teachers approach us…


Pffft :laughing:

I will buy the grimoire for my niece and probably my sister will lose her mind over it