Teaching a lesson to a vampiric entity

Hello everyone!

I’m going to go right into the subject. It’s been days I had a vampiric entity with me who was basically nourishing himself with my energy to the point I couldn’t even wake up.

Was falling asleep everytime everywhere,… Annoying. But the fact is that this entity I think wants to nourrish himself of fear because one morning when my mom went outside, I was alone at home but still in that morning sleepy state so didn’t really got it when I first heard the voice of my mom right behind me in bed talking to me about annoying shit and I was like just let me sleep please.

Minutes after, I just had in mind the fact that it wasn’t my mom because she was outside so. I was pissed off. The moment I knew is the moment he touched me.

Fucking asshole; I did a purification bath for my energy first, I called on Lucifer and Azazel as they are ones of my protectors to assist me into what I want to do.

Basically, I want of course this entity out of my home and not related to me in any way anymore but I want to teach him a lesson before he goes.

The fact that he took the voice of my mom to talk about subjects that was important in a negative and sad way really pissed me off and I mean… Could have been the voice of my dead father as well so.

I want him to have a lesson before banishing. Do you guys have some ideas ?

Well… You could have a higher entity punish him. Or visualize him suffering as you banish him

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Just that simple so.

I never had to banish an entity like this so perfect if it’s this easy. I already asked the assistance of Lucifer and Azazel so I will see how things are going.