Hello to you who read me,
I would like to know if anyone would know of an entity called Taxlaah? It would be a devourer of Weakness


I had met a spirit of belial with the same title but as the being taxlaah i have no experience, but i do indeed feel some things of it.

Taxlaah feels created by Its demon King not human but by Its commander, it feels strong and serving to me, taxlaah has a few armies behind it.


very well, I take note, thank you for your time and for this shared experience, I had heard that it was a creature of Satan, but you must always be wary of what we hear;) thank you Xag_darklight

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Theres a few things that i didnt wrote becuase i was not sure but i am going to say anyways.

Taxlaah Serves Abaddon,Belial and Leviathan.

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very interesting … thank you very much for your efficiency :wink: