Tax return

I don’t know if it is also in other countries but here in Holland you fill once in a year a letter of the government in for your too much payed tax the past year… so after that you have to wait couple of months to receive a letter after that letter you will receive the money back in 7 days I will receive 4000 euro back so I can’t wait! :joy::drooling_face::drooling_face:
I wanted to approach Bune for this to have a litlle bit faster the letter of them
Is that a good option to approach Bune for this or not and if not which is…


Yeah man definitely Duchess Bune. That’s great you’ll get so much back. Congratulations and have fun

Sounds about right, go for it.

Thanks! I am sure gonna have fun with those 4000 euro’s haha
Great I will go for Bune!

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You’re Dutch? Goed zo lekker bezig haha

Hahaha has hehe iemand die Nederlands is :joy: aangenaam!

Heb me belasting teruggave nodig :heart_eyes:

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Ja toch! were supposed to speak English only I don’t know if that’s still the rule, we can’t speak other languages :thinking:

Ja man je kan versnellen met Lucifer, hij kan tijd korter maken (or he can bend time)

Thanks m8, but I will go for bune as I feel really pleasant with her energie :grin:

Yeah sure! Good luck

It’s called Pay As You Earn taxation and it was given to the governments of the world by a young Milton Freidman!

So, I’ll come armed to your place and steal whatever I want, but you’ll be happy because I give back a little bit of what I stole (at gunpoint, threats of prison, etc.) to you!


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I am not going specific in argument with you about your opinion as it is I think against the rules here but yet I have to say I don’t agree with you as how you are seeing it

Jokes aside, I’ve never worked with Bune but calling upon the fire aspect of whiever youre using has a good effect on getting tax returns swiftly. Djinn are far and away the absolute masters for this type of thing, since they exist in the center of past present and future and use the desire of whoever they serve as the fuel for their magic. Not to mention they’re built to be swift and can manipulate both macrocosm and microcosm to set the stage for it to be taken care of. So, if you’re looking for alternatives I’d reccomend Djinn.

You might also want to add the power of Dynamis along with Bune:

As I am stil a nooby, I don’t want try it with the djins at the moment :sweat_smile:
Thanks darkest night! Will look into that


Milton Freidman broke my heart! I used to love him as an economic hero, but I was young and naïve. Some kids were into John Kenneth Galbraith, how sad it is that? Galbraith followed me to university, like a bad habit. I eventually escaped. J.M. Keynes is another matter entirely. No one can seem to shake off that wretched bastard!