I am long overdue for a new tattoo. I wanted to represent my zodiac as it is with in the current 218. I want to incorporate the sigil along with most of the symbolism that pertains to the entity.
. What are your thoughts on occult tatoos especially when it comes to actual sigils forever linking you to the entity

have you undergone a posession of the entity?
if not, you probably should before getting the tattoo.

I have considered many tattoos, though I have none at the moment. Obviously, they should be done only when you are fully sure you want their presence in your life always.
Some day, I believe I’ll get one of Santa Muerte. I’ve also thought of wings tattooed onto my back, to represent my astral ones.

I have indeed worked with this entity… Or should I say it has always been part of it all… Nevertheless I have given much thought on the subject.
. In my understanding branding one self with a mark in recognition and honor of another being shows a great respect and a deep connection. I assume this action wouldn’t make a difference unless it is done in a ritualistic manner. My purpose in getting this is simple, to be unique and to never forget who and what I am and what I am regardless of my futer and past paths walked and to be walked.
. Perhaps I should rephrase the question to say… Has anyone had any positive or negative reactions as a result of getting a sigil tatood

I am also curious as to what the consequences are for getting a sigil tattooed. Was going to get a spirits tattoo right above my left thumb. But I wanted to look more into the subject before jumping in.

For one’s consideration.