Tattoos/magic how they mix

I do tattoos and I also have a lot of satanic art on myself I am working with azazrl at the present I thought about doing some kind of tribute to azazel any ideas or suggestion. So having easy access of tat work for free what would you guys do if you had free access to tat work and could this help me on my path its like he is wanting me to get some work or it could by my love for the pain I know I may be a Lilt wisted lol.

Sorry bout grammar I’m using a cell at the moment. So posting is a bitch

My first tattoo artist told me something I will never forget…

“Everyone gets the tattoo they deserve.”

Now I don’t like all of the tattoos I have (and I have full arms and back - so) , however the disatisfaction is my fault in every single instance.

Of all of my Tattoo’s the occult references and the large inverted Star of the Magi in the center of my back are my favorites.

As for tattoss in use for Sorcery Events I would suggest two things specifically…

(a) DEDICATED Research on the subject so that the art is exactly correct. Be patient.

(b) If it is a sigil, open it while it is on the transfer paper before applied to your skin. ( This may require you to take it home and perform your TGS if you can’t do it at the tattoo shop.)

Cant speak for others of course… but for me the memory of the pain is almost as good.

Rl you are right on thank you for your advise very enlightening