Tattoos for magical use

Noticed recently that koetting has the upside down pentagram and i was thinking, if you can open a sigil upon paper could you not open it upon flesh such as when koetting opened belial’s upon the female’s chest when opening the gateway. If someone was going to create a magical tattoo of sorts is there anything special they would need to do?.. Mostly concerning runes and the upside down pentagram

Do you want theorycraft here, or do you want people who actually “know”?

As you’ve probably thought through, anything can become a focus - a sigil can be just ink upon paper. Are you talking about specific rituals or operations then, that would turn a tattoo into a permanent power object? And from there, deciding the purpose:

  • a talisman or boon for the wearer
  • a protective ward
  • a binding
  • a pact
  • etc.

I have the inverted baphomet pentagram similar to your avatar on my lower stomach. I didn’t “open” per say as you would a regular sigil but I have found since getting that tattoo my life has definitely been on a darker and actually healthier path.

I knew a guy who had several rune tattoos and he had told me that he used some kind of ritual before actually geting the tattoos.
The main concept of the ritual was to keep your focus on the sigil on the part of your body you’ll have the tattoo and use it like a gateway somehow.
I have tattoos as talismans and I’ve created my own “ritual” mostly based on what this guy had told me.

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The intense sensation mixed with blood mixed with your deep connection to whatever symbol your getting really seems to do the trick.

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I had often considered getting progressive rings - one at a time - of various design and symbolism which represent my progress as a magician. I’ve also, not-so-seriously, considered using tattoos for the gated body ritual. The gateway of pacts at my sacral chakra, the second over my solar plexus, the third on my right wrist, the fourth just above my hairline to be hidden between my crown and ajna, and the fifth on my left wrist.
But I dunno - I think the symbol would activate and work as a gateway if it was intended as such at the time of acquiring it, and then later dedicated and opened specifically to that working. Other than that, though, I don’t think there would be anything specific to a tattoo that would be different from any other type of permanent sigil or symbol of power.



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buzzkill :P[/quote]

Ah, I didn’t mean it that way at all. I thought that movie was tight, and how/why he acquired those rings is pretty awesome.


rofl :smiley:
buzzkill :P[/quote]

Ah, I didn’t mean it that way at all. I thought that movie was tight, and how/why he acquired those rings is pretty awesome.[/quote]

Oh yeah dude. That movie was definitely bad ass. I just hadn’t realized that it was a somewhat - already “taken” idea. :stuck_out_tongue: Still - I guess the poly tradition was a bit of an influence anyway - so whatever :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

Would be really epic if someone could get a close up picture of E.A.'s upside down pentagram tattoo. Probably possible to do with some sort of computer program, unfortunately I am far from skilled with computers.

Hey Necro, its not an upside down pentagram, its the symbol for the Order of Nine Angles;

A little google -

Can’t make out the scripts around the inner circle, but you can see the basic layout pretty readily.

So I think what necromaster is wanting is a close-up, straight-on shot of the tattoo, so all the detail could be seen. Although I suspect that if one wanted a magical tattoo, one would have to do research as to the purpose of any words or symbols to place on it, and then how to empower them for proper purpose. Otherwise you have a cool looking patch of ink, but little else. Or worse, you might be making a pact to entities you haven’t contacted or some similar thing.

The tattoo on my arm is indeed an inverted pentagram, with the roman numeral IX above it, double concentric circles around it, in between them the “demonic runes” for alash tad alash tal ashtu written.

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Huh, ya know what I was convinced it was the ONA symbol lol

Apologies :confused:

And I’ve since touched it up a bit, thickening the lines, making the circle more circular, and putting in a little shading. I’ll try to take a photo for y’all!

Mystery solved! Thanks EA. :slight_smile:

This is a pic of my the double armed cross on my back. It was taken right after it was done, so the red is just the skin irritation.{%22ImageId%22%3A64066878}

And this is my arm just a couple minutes ago.

Thanks for helping me out with the embedding, Timothy!

Looking at the cross, I think I might have the guys over at Saint’s Ink throw some red ink in there!