Tattooing Yantras - Shiva

What will be the benefit of someone tattooing Shiva’s Yantra or any hindu God’s yantra on there body?

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It could act as a powerful way to connect to that particular god, much like tattooing a sigil. However, it is your intention while getting it that separates it from being a tool for connection and a simple drawing on your skin

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Yantras are sigils of strength and power, but unless you have a connection to Shiva, it will not do much, it will be just a drawing imo, however, if you wish to form a connection to Shiva, tattooing his Yantra may strengthen your spiritual practice, combined with his famous mantra chanting and
overall devotional service (according to what is best for you)

these are my beliefs.


So I oddly enough happen to have a slightly abstract one on me, that I’ve had almost a decade and honestly I’m uncertain how much I’d enjoy existence without it.

There’s something so safe about having it permanently on this vessel :man_shrugging:t2:

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Tattooing involves the spilling of blood and a degree of pain (altered state of consciousness), so any yantra/sigilistic tattoo can be extremely powerful. Ideally you would want to chant the Shiva mantra when you’re having it tattooed to empower it, and it would also be helpful to find a tattoo artist who understands the significance of this. I think it goes without saying that they would need to get the yantra absolutely accurate, otherwise it’s pointless. I would personally avoid stylistic additions/alterations and get it done in its most authentic, original form.

Astrologically speaking, I would avoid getting it done when there are planets in retrograde or debilitated transits occuring (especially with Mars, since he rules blood and blades). That could turn out to be less than desirable.

As for its benefits, I’m sure there are numerous. You could use it as a gateway, a protective shield (since it’s technically inside your auric field), a mini-altar, etc. I’m assuming you already have a strong working relationship with Shiva; otherwise it’s excessive (personal opinion).

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:man_shrugging:t2: Works just fine for me. The symbolic reference alone is plenty for my connection. Do you have one tattooed on to validate that statement or are you just assuming?

These are my personal opinions based on research and personal gnosis. If something works for you, that’s wonderful. That’s how I would personally approach it for maximum effectiveness. That is not to say any other way is not as effective. It could very well work better than mine, but I’m unconcerned about that. In the end, the tattoo is only a medium.

that looks very protective and powerful, I can feel the protection of Shiva on there