Tattooing Runes And Sigils

I’m curious, what is everyones thought on this?

Also are there any specific runes / sigils you should work with to force your third eye to remain permanently open?

I tried using the search function and didn’t really find anything regarding using runes / sigils as a way to summon your third eye.

Thanks in advance. Just working on an idea.


I just got a tattoo of Lucifer’s sigil. I love it. It’s yet to be seen what the effect is as I just got it yesterday. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome. I have a few runes and sigils in mind. I was going to work on an elaborate back piece.


Most people in my family have spiritual(except my parents) whether its voodoo, native american, or catholic folk, and i love all the ink there beautiful and you can really see the love and energy that they have.


Try to get the person doing the tattoo to hold a meditative image in their head or wear a gemstone while they’re doing the tatt. It makes it more powerful.


If you search here you should find a photo of my sigil tattoo. I love it. I have planned next one already, but always when I plan to take it a delay shows up. So probably it’s not time yet or it’s not right tattoo.

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I have a tattoo on my back: thor’s hammer with the Odal rune on top of it’s handle.
The person that did it wasn’t much of a talker and neither am I so I just sat in silent meditation for three and a half hours until it was done. Thinking about why I was having it done and why I had chosen that symbol and that specific rune.

This is perhaps strange but I can feel it is there, even years after having it done. It’s not just a tattoo to me, it’s a comfort to know it’s on me, I feel it to be an aid while doing runic pathworking.
But for specific ends you might be best off making your own binding runes so you channel your focus and energy in what you want to get out of your runework.
I had the best results making my own instead of copying the works of others for my own ends.

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