Tattoo of Belial’s seal

I practise grimoire magick and a while ago after evocation of Kind Belial I decided to tattoo his seal on my thigh. I consulted the spirit on various matters and was so impressed by him that I wanted to have a continious contact with him and thought that getting a tattoo of his seal is the best way forward. I asked the spirit if he approves it and he did. But after getting the seal tattooed I started to expiriencing uncontrolled visions, dream states and events best described as magickal attacks. I am now considering getting it removed in order to stop the “attacks” but I also noticed that I now have much better sense of colour, sight and sound, and my psychic abilities are much more enhanced and my overall level of creativity is increased. What are your thoughts?

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Did you ask his opinion on The actual tattoo? Usually you work with The spirit a lot before considering tattooing their sigil

Let me ask first: why do you think these are magickal attacks, and why do you sure in it?
You should work on your defense and make these stuffs up to your cause, because they can be useful as well. Or ask about it from Belial.

His permission is indispensable! Do you think that who let you to make this tattoo was really Belial, Himself? – In my opinion, if you already decided to make a tatto of Belial’s seal and you did it, it can be a big “insult” towards Him when you remove it, I guess.

Next week I’ll get my tattoo of Sigil of Abaddon, so this whole thing what you experienced now was useful in some ways, thank you.


Initially when I got the tattoo of the seal I was impressed by Belial as he was able to fulfil my requests in a short period of time, whereas it would normally take a lot longer for other spirits to work on my requests. I wanted to honour him by getting a tattoo of his seal. He confirmed that it is OK to tattoo the seal and his name.

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I decided not to remove the tattoo as doing so might ruin my pact with Belial. I am also going to wear Belial’s seal as a pendant around my neck as per my pact with him. I realise that working with this spirit has been productive and I am actually happy with the results.


I’m glad to hear that. Good decision I guess.

Wearing your Patron’s Sigil after His permission, is can’t be a curse. It is something what you have to deal with it. Respect Him, and do your best for your cause.

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