Tattoo For My Matron Hekate

New tattoo to show my devotion to Mother Hekate.

Hail Mother Hekate!


Hail Enodia Hekate!


I love it, I’m planning on doing something like that for Hel.


That’s pretty dope, I dig it!

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Love it!

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Nice. What do you have in mind, if you do not mind sharing?

Here here.

I’m going to get the rune tattooed on my shoulder I mean it’s got to be big and bold

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Awesome. I feel as though Hekate has been speaking to me and working with me since I was very young. Although, it was only until recently that I realized her presence has been with me for so long. So, as a sign of respect and devotion, I had to do something permanent. Please share with me a pic when you get it done.

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Ooooh I love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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