Tata Ngolo

Does anybody have any direct experience with Tata Ngolo from YouTube? He is a Palo Mayombe priest/tata. Here is a link to one of his videos. Please give me some balanced responses on what you think of him:


In a reading that he did for me, he stated that the Santeria Witch that I had such a bad experience with a few years ago did indeed put a curse on me (hence the reason for a series of bad luck miles and miles long). He said that I needed to have a Rompiemento ceremony done in order to send the work back to the witch and to the other sources that have contributed to me having such a negative life (especially in the last 3 years). He said that he would do it for $600. I am not opposed to paying money (To loosely paraphrase E.A., “You think magicians can do their shit for free???”). However, I don’t want to waste my money. Especially on a ceremony which has no direct way of being tested (just a subjective feeling of “I feel better” or “I don’t feel better”)

The regular forum members on here know that I suffer with chronic doubt regarding all things Magick. But I am desperate to get some help for my depression, anxiety, and God damned bad luck. This will not be in lew of me doing work on my own.

Personally, I get a bad vibe from that guy. “Ohhhh yeah, that big bad santero(a) totally fucked you up, best offer up 6 benjamins so I can make it all go away with my super powerful ATR magiks.”

Dude, fuck that. You’d be better of cleansing yourself or working in collaboration with a real magician here at the forum.

I’m sure your aware but that is the oldest trick in the book for scammers in the “ATR’s” due to the prevelance of expensive ceremonies and eager whites (just being frank) who are willing to fork up.

SInce I’m not in the mood for pulling punches EA profits off the same bullshit. “$900 and I’ll put you in touch with Lucifer like you wouldnt believe.” My ass.

Love the guys books, love certain aspects of ATR practice but the shit can get real thick real quick with this type of thing.

You would honestly be better off approaching a Protective Demon, pacting with it, and burning the six hundred dollars as a holocaust offering (spirits accept currency as offerings, especially due to the value that humans affix to it.) Or using it to build an altar, votive piece, etc

Something personally, empowering if you are so sure that spirituality is the solution or the cause of your woes. (And honestly, if you dont believe in magic how can you trust it to save you or fear that it is your demise…)

Otherwise you are better off investing that money, flipping drugs, saving a family short on rent, buying a high class escort, or something earthly and practical with the cash if you are ready to part with it.

I was a bit skeptical also.

Well,at least his views on Karma make more sense than most of the people out there,and almost seems to paraphrase the Law of Cause and Effect in the Kybalion.But I may have misheard him because every time someone says a swear word it makes me pay less attention.

I have an odd relationship with swearing,safe to say,swearing makes me pay less attention.Nate and EA swear during podcasts,but thankfully,they don’t in more professional videos.

Why not get some other readings,done by other people?

Also,Santeria is pretty serious magic.I’m not nearly as versed in African-American religions as I would like to be,but I also don’t think that a Santeria curse would only cause you minor bad luck.I also question the motive of the witch.

So,I’d advise learning more before buying his service…or not.

i’m sure you will agree after seeing the following list of bad luck items that it rises beyond the level of “minor”: 1) Motorcycle accident as I was riding down I-10 between Phoenix and Palm Springs. Fender fell off and jammed up my taillight between the tire and seat, causing the tire to look up in front of a semi truck. Almost got ran over. 2) My roommate was a pilot. He died in a plane crash soon after moving in. 3) A demonic face appeared in a picture I took at the house right after his death. An evil presence was so thick I could feel it. Soon after, the surviving roommate accused me of being mentally unstable. It forced me to move immediately. 4) My next set of roommates were raided by the swat team. 5) I herniated disks in my lower back in a casual sparring match in Jiu Jitsu. 6) My cat was literally sodomized and I had to put it to sleep. 7) I became addicted to pain killers 8) I got fired from a job for being under the influence of medical MJ. 8) My girlfriend cheated on me. I could go on and on.

Are all these coincidence and bad choices? Maybe. The skeptic in me says yes. But it seems to be pretty weird.

I have decided against using him. Too many red flags. I think he may be genuine, but given the fact that I lost so much money to the Santeria witch several years ago, I’m hesitant to buy a ceremony in which there is no real way to test whether or not it worked.

It seems to me you place credence in the curse because you have a list of things that feel like proof, yet when it comes to other magicians (and don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should hire this guy, or any other) you feel doubt and skepticism.

This proves the validity of the advice “If you’re not sure magick is real, do some to find out” - but that’s no use to you, if you keep holding onto doubt.

I don’t know what your ethnic background is but I honestly suggest asking the gods of your forefathers (whichever area you identify with, could be a mix of several) to step in and help you out this rut, because you’re just going in circles, believing in this curse but not yourself!

That makes no logical sense, and by now even if there was no curse to begin with, you’re kind of attracting one yourself by focusing on it so much - and this isn’t “law of attraction” stuff even, luck is a skill and the people there who believed themselves unlucky were able to reverse their situations without a single demon or magickal chant…

You have a choice to make - dither about wondering if magick is real, if X. spirit is real, if some dude on the internet is real, or draw a line under the past and commit to doing whatever it takes to become lucky, blessed (opposite of cursed) and let go of that bad stuff.

You might kind of want justice, even revenge, or just answers, but you’re not going to get them (especially in the situation you’re in right now), and the more you look back trying to make sense of it all, the more you lose the present (and future) to this stuff.

I know I’m lecturing but I’m deadly serious, you’re wasting your one and only life over phantoms and even if you were cursed, you’re feeding the situation too much energy and thereby making it worse.

I’ve not had this exact same situation but I do know what it’s like to waste years of my life over futile desires for some kind of closure or whatever, and during that time be just about as miserable and unlucky in that area of life (love and romance) as it’s possible to be, so I’m really only telling you what I wish someone had told me back then.

Do some of the simple methods listed on here (egg limpia, call on some angels for protection, call your ancestral gods, do cleansings) and move on.

Make a plan for it if it helps, set a date, or just resolve to wake up tomorrow a reborn man, and with all that stuff in the past.

And read that link about the luck study, it’s pretty eye-opening stuff and totally scientific. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Lady Eva. I needed that kick in the ass.

Take this in the same spirit as the Good Lady’s post. I see nothing in what you listed as evidence of a curse. I see it as evidence of life. Your roommate’s death has nothing to do with you. I had a neighbor once who pinched a nerve in his back bending over at his desk to pick up a pen. Roommates and SWAT? Bad choice on your part. Fired for rocking the Ganj? Medical or not, company policy is company policy, and will be as long as pot is illegal at the Federal level. Addiction to opiates I place firmly on medical providers for handing out the most addictive substance known to mankind, like it’s candy. I’ve had girlfriends cheat on me, and I’ve cheated on a couple of girlfriends.

Honestly, you have yourself in a self defeating mindset. I believe this was reinforced by this “witch” for their personal gain. I think what you really need is affirmations, meditation, cleansing rituals, and better life choices. You’re not cursed, you’re just living and learning. I could give you a list of dozens of things that have gone wrong in my life, and I’ve never once thought I was cursed. I’ve gone through some pretty dark periods in my life, but never once thought I was cursed. Start bring some positivity into your life, and things will start to turn around. The best advice someone gave to me some years ago is this: as you get better, things get better. Words to live by. All of this is JMHO.

If you are cursed you don’t even need to cast to get rid of the curse. Just take a day and rent a bunch of comedy movies and laugh, have a good time. Laughter is a powerful energetic tool and it raises the energies in a place. It’s great for healing and it’s great for breaking curses.

Simple cleansing ritual: Sit comfortably and do some breathing exercises to relax. When relaxed, visualize yourself breathing in white smoke or light. Visualize yourself exhaling black smoke or light. As you continue, visualize the black turning gradually to dark grey, then medium grey, light grey, and eventually white. Relax for a few moments, then, if you wish, you can state an affirmation along the lines of “I am filled with the light of Divinity, now and always, and this light moves me always forward, in positive directions, with positive results”. Or whatever you choose, so long as it affirms your ability to achieve positive results in your life. Believe it when you say it. Say it with authority. Finish any way you choose, maybe with a hearty laugh.