Taste of the 9th Gatekeeper

Now i upload this from my mobile device now listern very carefully i explain the instructions and all those direction arrows and numbers how to get close to the 9th Gatekeeper Satan, it can be a very long process depending on who you are, so what is is all about is how to end up travelling to those places where you like to travel at own risk I’ve been doing it since i was 17, its been rarther quite, so lets get started it okay you’ll probably eventually come across these highest forms of Black magic i should know and what ive been getting up to, okay i cleared those matters up lets begin just like pin head always say ive got such sites to show you. Okay thats enough of that.

                      !Must read instructions carefully which i explain best of my ability !

So i find what the arrows represents is where which direction of travel, the numbers which direction to start first okay good, know that first arrow up top start hear thats where place your middle finger of your Right hand yes thats Right hand, before continue so i find A3 format is best but A4 still okay, so before place or touch seal when drawn in this neatness step 1 give whole A4 or A3 one complete turn after that then place middle finger where it say start hear where arrow point then next step by keeping finger in complete contact see number 1 and direction of arrow telling do 1 complete lap of ring until where begin, then all those other arrows telling which way to travel along the star, see arrow 2 telling to center keeping finger in complete contact with star, now i put each number corresponding to next line to follow with finger do not lift finger off star at all so its like follow in number order 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and so on try follow the same sequence for the entire inverted pentagram without crossing lines also keeping to each lines until complete same sequence for entire star then just keep on going try and cover 50 full cycles of the inverted pentagram just keep going also don’t forget to shut it down by going opposite direction and then opposite around the ring 1 cycle then put it away for another day or night, it reminding me of opening doors, also using candles not compulsory but can i just use a lamp in another room i just turn it on i leave table lamp on in lounge room then go into ritual room seems to be not to bright just enough loomination, sometimes i use black and red thats all no other color, my record is up to 15 hours years ago now i find 30min to a hour is okay, it is a slow process.

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