Tasseomancy Divination Revealing Lilith

Earlier today I did a reading on myself using tea leafs and almost immediately after shaking up and randomizing the tea leafs I saw the image of an owl and right away my mind went to suggest Lilith will be involved in my future. Could anyone suggest any good books or pathworks for working with Lilith? I will be evoking her tonight to ask her but would still love recommendations on grimoires centered around her.

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Asenath Mason, who will be releasing a book through this site on October 31st (see the banner ad at the top of this page) has written about working with Lilith, and there’s an “AMA” section for her here: Q & A With Asenath Mason, so you could try posting in there and read through her previous replies to members.

I’ve not read her work myself yet, but other members on here will probably be able to give you some tips on what to look for.

From my own experience, I had very good results using the triangular image, with very thick lines and the appearance of an eye, shown in the first image in this post - those were from the notes of a member called DouglasJamesCameronFuego and you can read his account of the ritual they came from, which summoned Lilith, further back up in that same thread.

Have a look for other posts & book reccomendations using the Search Function for older threads about her as well, and hopefully some other people will reply here.

Also, check out the New Member Resources Thread which has a lot of other great stuff.

But first, please take a moment to post an introduction here - it’s one of the Rules of this forum.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you. She just came to me herself and simply said to contact her Wednesday night at 3 in the morning. My mind tells me it’s going to involve vampirism but I guess I’ll find out what it is then. I’ll be using a basic evocation method and her sigil to keep it short and simple.

My gut feeling is that since you’ve worked with the 50 Names of Marduk, that sigil will also work for you, it certainly did for me! :slight_smile:

Since you’ve worked primarily with Middle Eastern Deities, I would also suggest considering exploring the roots of Lilith which are found in Ishtar and Inanna. These will give you invaluable insights apart from the Rabbinic traditions (which have a lot of misogynistic inaccuracies)

I would also suggest that you create your own Lilith sigil unique to you and her once contact is made. She will direct you in adapting the public and well-known sigil. This will create an intimate connection with her directly when used.

Thank you both. Everything went well. Turns out the purpose of what I saw during the divination was to perform a ritual with her in the astral sharing energies and becoming as one which I did later that night so it was definitely beneficial. Once again thanks for the information, hope you’re doing well.