I have used tarot for divination of myself. However I broke down and bought an e-book. I read balg and had to read it again. I use my own spreads too. I used yours and tweaked it a little and get head on readings! That part is just like wow! I do have one question though? The representative of water sword air wands fire. But disks or penticals earth. But I got to thinking about the meaning of the earth ace and wondering why earth by name or plant is not of the high arcana? Is it then a energy card and suit?

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Not sure what a spamsult is but that was a simple question about tarot?
Try not to get so offended?

Naoto was continuing an established pattern of spamming insults and all-around degeneracy that distracted from the purpose of this forum, which includes questions like yours. I removed his trash post and edited in an explanation, but I can see how that may not be readily understood if you’re not a regular. I should probably stop trying to “leave examples” as apologies to anyone who had to see this stuff before I found it, but it’s a fine line for me with being ‘transparent’ and reassuring the members that quality control is being done.

I didn’t feel insulted at all, I thought the original post was clearly aimed at you. And really, I don’t care how arbitrary it makes me look, my job is to remove those who can’t handle themselves gracefully in a public forum.

I don’t care if you were offended by the post or not, it was in violation of the few rules we have to keep this a decent place worth visiting, so good riddance to that rude person. Believe me, I don’t ban lightly, but this ass needed to go.