My mom gave me a Wizard of Oz Tarot (name; The Tarot of Oz) and I have a Necronomicon Tarot (Donald Tyson) coming in about a week or two. Eventually I’m going to get a physical Rider-Waite Tarot deck because the electronic app seems to intervene with my readings a little bit, but it’s a small disturbance that doesn’t interfere with my actual learning abilities.
The Oz deck is a bit of a story; basically my mom wanted my sister to understand archetypes, and she knew about Tarot, so she bought the deck for my sister about 12 years ago. My sister hasn’t touched it since that day. I didn’t know she didn’t want it. My mom gave it to me recently because I’m a big card collector in general and I have been increasingly interested in Tarot for a while.
I’m thinking about training myself with the Tarot and I have a free app that offers samples of cards but not the full decks. But it doesn’t seem to be a complete collection of Tarot decks.
So: what Tarot do you guys like, have worked with or would recommend? I have an eye on the Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell. I’m mostly going for rich/interesting artwork (I’m into symbolism and like little spins on the Tarot in terms of artistic creativity).


I like Tarot Decks that I can read almost by intuition alone. And so, those are the Legacy of the Divine Tarot (also, my personal favorite), and the Rider-Waite Deck.

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The important thing with tarot is finding a deck the resonates with you. I would browse around and see which one really draws you in. Currently i’m working with a cat themed one i found on etsy


I’ve had good results from that. It’s a deck that will read you and hold nothing back. It’s brutally honest, dark and intense. It’s my main.


I don’t use a Tarot Deck per say, but I use a oracle card deck called native spirit. Fuckin love them. Had some weird experiences with them


I’ve only used 2 decks. Ryder Waite is what I started with years ago. It’s meh. I didn’t feel anything and I thought I sucked at Tarot and would never learn. Then a few years ago someone gifted me with my Tarot Noir deck which are HUGE black cards with gold sides. The artwork is a variation of the Marseille imagery - very simple, minimal, not at all like Rider Waite but much older! I was scared to try since the minor arcana have no images at all, they look like playing cards. I thought this would be a deck for a master. But, when I picked it up and tried it was like when Harry Potter picks up the wand that was meant for him. It felt like the wind started blowing and energy coursed through my hand and the deck. My readings have been AMAZING ever since. All I needed was MY deck!

Hope that helps :slight_smile: I like beautiful things so I needed something I thought was beautiful and worthy of adoration. Find a deck that you value!


I hope it’s fine to start divination with software instead of physical Tarot and Runes… However, there are the “lunar cards”, those of Lilith:

They must be split in 4 decks, operating with a large black candle etc. I look forward to try them in the future