Tarot Warm-Up: Free Tarot Readings (5 readings per day) [Closed]

If you are not exhausted, I would like a path-related reading like whether I am going in the right direction or not.

No… not at all. More like don’t be alcoholic and give value, like what are you willing to offer to the relationship?

Is she either alcoholic or money waster?

Thank you so much!

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She is under 18 years old, we are the same age, we have never drank alcohol,

I don’t know, she has a very rich family, she’s beautiful and I’m not, I don’t know why she flirted with me a little over text, and now she’s bored with me, we’ve set a date in 2-4 weeks, but I’m not sure that she likes me…

I’m completely desolate now… I have problems with finances, and with appearance and with everything, I don’t know what to do, I want to feel loved but I can’t afford it, my body is not suitable for this (I’m not just disabled not beautiful and not good with the body)

Take it one goal at a time. How disabled are you? I’m disabled too, having Stargardt Disease… I can’t see well, but I do my best in fulfilling my passion of ice hockey, running and lately I’m starting a business for divination and spellcasting. At least. I’m trying. Whatever is your passion; turn it into your own business. That is if you can’t work for the man

Well this explains a lot. I see now the I was correct regarding her value and yours.

To summarize, I say believe in yourself and improve your being.

Like attracts like.

Hopefully I gave you insight.

To everyone: I feel like pushing myself to the next level, so I will open another thread for vision channeling and spellcasting.

I want to keep this thread for tarot only.

Give me a challenge in my vision channeling thread :slight_smile:


We’re both men. The predator disguised as a woman could be me disguised in softer, more feminine energy. Cause you know, in truth I’m into the occult and am not above using black magic to get what I want. Neither of us are Asian though

You misunderstand me, I’m not handicapped… Can I ask you another question? Will I succeed in finances as I wish or should I concentrate on my studies?

Hi, can I get a celtic cross about my self shame please? Thanks!

Baphomet but how ?


Thanks for the reading !

i wan to knoe what is his feelings towards me. btw his name is gabriel

Hi, its me. I having troubles this week. I need to know Should I come back to Martha Miranda´s House?. What she wants do to me?. Im in danger??. Sorry, I need it. its very urgent.

I already drew the spread for myself and have been satisfied with its accuracy. I drew the Fool the same weekend but the question did not have anything to do with self-shame.

Do you mind pulling some cards that elaborate the message of the Fool reading? Please disregard my last post.


Looks promising whatever you are working on. Keep it up!


Seems he is neutral on you. You are neither positive or negative to him.


Am I too late?


Do you want me to pull cards?

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After @ChaoticRevenge33 and @Jack_of_Tridents responses; I’m taking a break from tarot.



Please do. Thanks in advance!

Please do it, thanks. I have no much time .

Do you mind a general reading for me. Thank you in advance!


  1. Do not go back to Miranda’s
  2. It seems she wants to bind you
  3. Not in danger, but it won’t lead to anything positive


It seems you are ashamed of yourself because you scare women unconsciously…
I feel like you have to work on your character.

Another vibe I am receiving is you are ashamed that you aren’t a woman…you wish to have female experience and the shame comes from manhood.

If it’s the latter; maybe I could apeace you.

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