Tarot vs Rituals

I could not find any subject saying about readind tarot after having rituals with demons.
How do You think? Can you check your results with tarot, or you should trust demons that all will work?
Just confused. What’s your opinion?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sorry if category is wrong :roll_eyes:

It is very likely that the demons themselves are the ones who answer your quetions through the tarot when you ask about your rituals. I always use tarot to check how my spells are going and I also use it before casting them to identify possible obstacles.


I would try to improve the contacts, what you can hear at least. I don’t know if Tarot will work when a spirit doesn’t let you hear him.

Spirits can be heared if just they want to be heared. And they can show themselves to you through your inner sight, subconscious if they
don’t want to be seen really outside in 3D.

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My mentor was going truth all with me, helping with rituals, reading carts during. But after last ritual, she said, that we finished, now we wait for results, and please no contact.
I think maybe she stopped contact just to stop my thinking about rituals or stuff.
I respect her a lot for all she did for me, and i respect her for showing me the magic world, so if she asked me to dont contact for now, i will respect this also.
So i got idea to find some one to do reading for me, just to know if every think going the way it should.
Also having intensive dreams from 3 days with my husband (Im waiting for him to come back), and she said that she can see that results will come in 10 days. Tommorow is 10th days, so curiuous if something is coming :grimacing:
Thank You for help! :love_letter:

Ok, i understand, so tarot in this case is like ‘maybe yes, maybe not’’ :woman_shrugging:

I think that, yes. But let’s see what others say to this. It wouldn’t just be my style right after each ritual to do a Tarot reading either it worked or not. Maybe the spirits see it as a kind of joke.

You need true contacts. That’s the case.

How can i do this?
Would You like to help me?
Im very new in this world, but i know i got in love with this magic world.

I only can tell you what I did at my beginning.
I just called the spirits and they came from time to time. Some times more often.
I never did great rituals. Rarely lit a candle.
But since May I got nearly no answer anymore
when I quitted smoking weed every day.

You could try to work with a mirror.
That’s my next step. My magic got a break
since May this year but from January on I will
evoke with my mirror. Hope that brings me back into contact.

But I have to admit, the most important deities come to me from their own during this year.

Maybe I can ask your opinion about those dreams from 3 days I’m having. My husband is there from tree days, telling me to get back. Maybe that’s sign that Rosier is doing good? Tommorow is 10 day, and my mentor said that this day i will have a result. What do You think?

I think dreams have to be more directly
to be a sign. The best for you would be to find a or more spirits which really communicate with you. For your astral senses you could try Sastan!
How are you doing with void meditation/thought silence?

Meditation I think is going quite good for me.
In last week’s I was trying my first telepathy message, and he wrote to me on the second day.
During ritual with Rosier I could feel his energy it was scary me, because on another rituals I didn’t feel them so strong and Rosier.
Maybe it was also Lucifer because I chooses them both to this ritual. It was royal with blood.

Yes you can check your results but demons are free will having beings, to rely solely on a demon to do the work you should learn to do yourself is not always the best thing because they can choose not to do it which can change the course of the reading.

What would You do on my place?

If you really must have help from demons, don’t tarot it, let them do their work, if they don’t then seek another means of achieving your goal or other entities.

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Can I speake with Rosier to finalize my wish or also should let him work and trust?

I think it’s better than nothing. I am using Tarot directly at the ritual to receive answer if my request is accepted. Before the ritual you can use Tarot or Runes to check the possible protection on the object that may difficult the manipulations.

Meditation I think is going quite good for me

For me the demons also could report something important concerning the ritual through dreams in the next few day.