Tarot vs demon

Hey everyone I just wanna knw I took a tarot reading for a future event and the results came negative ,what if I do some demon ritual and try to change the outcome ,can it be changed through demon powers or what tarot gave is a final result,I am not asking for a impossible task it is just a breakup of engagement and love spell.

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Divining with tarot about the future is definitely a good way to go on the offense. You are seeing inside the other teams playbook. You know what’s going to happen before the game. Now you have the knowledge to plan an effective defense strategy.

If you want to do a tarot reading to see if your petition to said demon will grant you favorable results then I would go for it.

I would possibly do some major break up work as well. Possibly with a stitched up lemon perhaps. (:wink:)


You could also do a skull candle spell to put an idea into your target’s head. Like: Break up with (persons name here), or You can no longer stand (persons name here).

In addition to this you might want to do some kind of love work. Whether it’s with candles and herbs or with sigils and summoning spirits, you want to draw them towards you.

The list is endless but to answer your question, yes, your goal is definitely achievable.


Thank u so much for positive reply,I am very new to magick,I have used different demon for different task but for a final goal,I have used GAAP,dantalion,sallos,orias,and a vinegar jar break up spell ,sometimes a felt a presence ,so I think my wish is accepted but you knw it so hard not lusting for result where time is running from my hands ,and my ex is in my office working with me so its very hard not to think about result.can u do a reading n tell me if my wish is accepted and when I can see the breakup,thnx

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You’re very welcome. I personally do not do readings for others at this time. But, there are other members on this forum who do. I would recommend doing a search for posts offering readings for free or for barter


Everything you do changes things. The reading is only the reading of the energies as they stood at the time of the reading.
Try this: do the ritual and then read again sometime later.


Thank u😄

My mother is able to read Tarot cards but she only know about bad things
I was very into reading Tarot but my deck is missing is it because of I work with Angels?
So how do I bond with tarot decks
Or how my mother should connect deeper.
She quit reading a few years ago because of seeing jins

It shows you the most probable outcome if you keep doing what you are doing usually.So,yes,it can be changed.There are also other things are going on and every choice brings another outcome.

That stuff takes time, next time, put a time to you rituals like this will be done in a month and if it doesnt work, only do your next ritual.Indirect magick takes time.


thank u so much , i ll keep it in mind… :smiley: