Tarot Spread : Question about Petition?

Question is : Did Lady Lilith accept my petition? For transmutation.

8 of cups - bad vibe with this card. Mountain to me felt like obstacles, long path, having to “climb” to reach my goal.

9 of swords - also a bad vibe from this card, felt like things I have to deal with, need shadow work, etc

7 of wands - Good/neutral vibe. The flame seems like “hope”, or like the way “out of the woods”.

Son of Cups - Not real sure.

My overall feeling is that either she has, but I have work to do beforehand (shadow work) or she hasn’t.

Any opinions, I’m not sure? Thank you!

Gut feeling, there is a jewel, reddish-pink, maybe related to the heart, you are somehow not seeing or not seeking when it comes to this.

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This was a petition that I did awhile back.

Confused on what you mean? Red jewel?

The shadow work related at least partially to emotional/heart issues. Got alot of stuff blocked there.

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I just saw that this jewel was a thing you need to seek, and have not been doing so far, or maybe not in the correct way. It was just an intuitive flash, sorry I don’t have more. :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s symbolic.

I thought I had everything covered on goals/things to seek.

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I saw the red-pink jewel, heart shaped, and felt the Spanish name “corazón” for it, sorry I don’t have more, but it felt like that was behind the mountains, swords, obstacles, but also as easy as reaching through the flame in the 7 Wands card.

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Interesting. Thanks for the advice and intuitive flash! I’ll have to look up this word and think about it some.

Okay, it means heart… should have seen that one coming…

That’s confusing, the petition wasn’t about any matter of the heart. Hmm

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Still unsure if it’s indicated whether the petition was accepted or not?

I got maybe, or yes but results will be delayed vibes for me personally - now I’m just confused though.

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Someone say heart?
Past: 9 of swords - something keep haunting you, keeps you awake at night.
Present: 8 of cups/7 of wands heading for the hills, and will battel you every step of the way.
future: Son of cups, you will received a messagd on youf project, but will you be ready?

Take care of the past issues before you are ready for a fruitful conclusion

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First off, thank you for providing the actual image of the tarot deck you used. Well aware I’m sounding like a broken record here, but providing which tarot deck was used helps other readers here make more insightful suggestions the querent could consider. Second, I think usually the first intuitive answer(s) you got as soon as you looked at the cards is very much the answer to your question. Still, here’s just my intuitive guess on it. Feel free to take what resonates and discard what doesn’t.

Interestingly, the answer I seem to see here is also a “Yes”. She has. She is. She does. Initially, I was supposed to say, “She DID”, but I strongly felt that using the past verb tense to interpret Lady Lilith’s answer here is just so… off. The nagging insistence on using a present verb tense to answer your question tells me that this acceptance of your petition is very much in progress and lots of things are still being worked out, probably behind the scenes. Lots of things remain to be seen in this one.

Or at least, that’s what I’m picking up from the Son of Cups card here. I don’t know about you, but the swan in the card is looking anything but a show-off or any sort of outwardly expressive/loud/obvious energy. She looks contemplative, as if in deep reflection and maybe waiting patiently even.

While the Son of Cups is traditionally the Knight of Cups, in this spread I strongly felt feminine energy instead from said card. In fact, my eyes were immediately drawn to the swan without even reading your question at first. Very motherly, knowing, ever-patient as if waiting for something to be completed—very Lilith, especially in this situation. This card may simply be Lady Lilith’s significator in your spread.

If we look the cup in front of her, there seems to be a transformation and blending of elements taking place with all the different colors. Her background seems to emphasize this blending of seemingly "opposing elements as well: notice how behind the swan, the left and right lines from opposite directions are meeting in the center? There’s so much going on behind and in front of her yet she still remains motionless, peacefully waiting for the transformation to be complete.

The SoC could represent Lady Lilith’s current energy towards you but at the same time, may also be a reminder for you to take after the patience, understanding and contemplative/meditative silence she is expressing in this situation. While it’s understandable to want to see actual manifestation/proof of the petition so we can finally take that next step action we just sooo want to take, Lady Lilith may be telling you that there is much to be learned in non-action too. Don’t think or fear that it will automatically translate to stagnation. In fact, even though Lady Lilith is currently giving off gentle motherly vibes here, I’m still getting a sense of sharpness and watchfulness underneath it all, as if carefully and consistently monitoring how the transformation is going every step of the way.

I’m getting Temperance card vibes from this card as well, along with the concept of “gestation period”. You may try looking into both of their meanings to provide possible insights to the SoC here.

Shadow work being needed to be done fits with this card and the situation at hand, yes. I immediately got the word, “festering” when looking at this card, along with thoughts of, “What has been festering within you all along?” Are there certain things/aspects deeply embedded in your life that you are still finding it hard to release even though they are already bubbling underneath the surface, wanting to come out (all those worms, if I’m seeing correctly), even if you already decided to go on a journey of transmutation? Now this could be about heart-related matters as others might have said here, but personally, the eyes are standing out to me. I feel as if it’s more of how you see and perceive things, both in a mundane and magickal manner (as we see two eyeballs here popping out). What are you seeing yet seeing inaccurately? What are you refusing to see? What are you seeing clearly but still refusing to let go of?

With all these 9 swords stuck behind the eyes, I feel like these perceptions/viewpoints/way of thinking of things has been stuck and festering for a long time. You might even still be accumulating all of them now without being aware of it or preferring to see it another way instead, deeming it as something that bothers you every now and then but no big deal in the scheme of things.

Another interp would be being influenced by others’ thoughts opinions/way of thinking throughout your life. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing in of itself, but the imagery here of how it’s all accumulated to the point that it’s almost covering one’s eyes… are you letting your own “sight” be defined/struck too much by others’ thoughts, words or perceptions? Are you sure that all these swords you are accumulating are useful and helping you see more of yourself and your path clearly? Or the truth is they’re obscuring you and what you have always envisioned for yourself? How about other people’s thoughts/viewpoints which may have helped you previously but doesn’t seem like a fit now? Will you release those old/decaying thoughts because it doesn’t fit with the self you want to see yourself as now or still hold on to them because it’s important and helped “shape/mold” (the weird shape behind the two eyes in the card) you in a way?

Of course, only you can answer those questions if they resonate.

I agree with your interp here as well, but I also saw this card as representing you, the querent. Even through those thorns, the light looks as if it somehow emerged victorious. I immediately got feelings of fragility and the unknown the more I looked at it, as if the light is beginning to make its way forward/upwards but does not know how and where to even start. I do not know what you have been through in the past or recently, but there may be times when you feel :“small” or “fragile” in this path, as seen in the tiny light on the card. You may even have times where you compare your “shine/burn” to others’. You might even think about why others, metaphorically speaking, can either burn or light a whole forest with their passion, confidence or abilities in general, yet here you are, struggling through the darkness with this little lone light. You may have trouble with motivation or getting things started (the fire here also reminds me of the Ace of Wands), hence you wanting to get the petition for transmutation up and going already.

Yet, if you look back at Lady Lilith’s cup in the SoC card, there seems to be an element of fire being mixed in it: the same colors that seem to represent the little light associated with you in the 7oW. I feel as if Lady Lilith sees, recognizes and understands exactly how this spark you have can and will work for your betterment not only as a practitioner, but as a person in general—especially if mixed with just the right amount and refinement of other elements (the other color in the cup). But do you? Do you see, recognize and understand your own “spark” too? I feel like the answer here is also related to the 9oS’ interp provided.

I don’t know why I’m currently getting goosebumps in this part of your reading, but I feel like this 7oW here may also be telling you that to this fragility, this… softness or smallness to that/your light doesn’t equate to weakness. This/your flame here may give off vibes of a gradual “burn/shine”, but shine it will with future possibilities and beginnings. Interestingly, even though I’m trying to delve deeper into it to make more certain examples, I’m picking up nothing more… which correlates with Lady Lilith’s SoC energy of, “Please wait and see”.

You know better than me because you were the one pulled the cards, but I’d like to disagree with the “bad vibe” term, if you don’t mind? :slight_smile: The interpretation of it being a slow uphill climb to your goals does resonate with the rest of spread, but having all these challenges, trials and lessons for transformation, especially with Lady Lilith’s guiding energy here at the head of things… is it really bad? Leaving all these unfulfilling cups/emotions that are no longer serving you, allowing yourself to begin anew away from all the things/traits/circumstances you have accustomed yourself to (as the 8oC could also be about going somewhere, finally following the call of the “moon/unknown” as much as it is about leaving something/someone behind)? Seeing the top of the mountains in this imagery, even after climbing it I still get a sense of the unknown. As if it is still not clear what lies behind that mountain. Hell, there may even be more climbing and trekking afterwards. It might be difficult, tiresome, frustrating, scary, heartbreaking even… but not “bad”.

In fact, I think you’re on the foot of this mountain already, if we look at the imagery’s viewpoint here. You’re already embarking on that journey. This sense of seemingly nothing happening so far with the petition + shadow work you have to do is already part of the obstacles you have mentioned. The 8oC could also mean it’s simply a matter of viewpoint: either you make the mountains as these huge fearsome mountains which you cannot climb (the deep black of the mountain does look very intimidating at first glance) or simply another one of many mountains you will encounter that you have to conquer. This could depend on how much you truly want your goal though, not so much on Lady Lilith and even these cards drawn.