Tarot spread help

Does anyone know any tarot spreads to help you find your path or help you with personal growth?

I’ve seen some on pinterest and google, but I can’t comment on the efficacy of any of them. I tried to find spreads that worked for me a few months ago, and ended up I do a standard five card draw for everything, as it tends to fall with the information for me like that perfectly. Once I realized the card 1 and sometimes two, tend to represent the current situation, then cards 2/4 represent what you should do, or possible things that could happen, and then cards 4/5 tend to represent the outcome, and challenges pop where they needed to- I just gave up on spreads lmao.


Which deck are you using? Most decks come with a companion book which has a few spreads you can use.The basic spreads covered in your companion book should answer those questions.

I’m using the Hermetic tarot, although I never did read the instructions that came with the book because I wanted to interpret the cards on my own. I’m pretty sure I still have it though.

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I used a lot for True Black a lot, but it didn’t include spreads. I found it hard to intuit on images alone to start with, so I used it as a starting point and have developed from there and each reading leads to the feel of what of the cards represents to me, based on where they fall to me.

I worked the Djinn and genius to increase my divination skills too though, and it seemed it like went leaps and bounds after that.


That makes sense. Hopefully this instruction book will have something

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I usually shuffle while asking the question and whatever cards fall out is the answer and I read them as a string of cards. Sometimes you’ll feel that the card doesn’t belong there or that its upside down. The more you read the more you get the hang of it though. The problem that I found with most spreads is that their limited in information so you end up throwing down more cards for clarification which just defeats the purpose. My recommendation is to forgo them completely and just read the cards that come out to you question you’ll get a far better read with gar more information. Hope this helps.