Tarot Spread for moving out?

Greetings, about a year and a half ago my last roommate situation failed since he was a lying, manipulating leech and I got the hell out of there. i’ve been working physically and spiritually ever since to manifest a situation where i can move back out and finally build my life since im back with family rn.
Recently one of my best friends from HS has been trying to convince me to plan a move with him but the location is just a bummer and totally out of the area where I need to be for my spiritual and physical advancement. I’m a firm believer that the environment/where you sleep can affect us in many negative ways and its my choice to surround myself with places and people who can bring out the best in me. Personally, I refuse to live out in some small cult christian ran country town where ill prolly get all kinds of shit for being a mystic who knows thyself(im already in one).
I’ve decided to perform a tarot spread to at least get some insight into how i should move past this conundrum but alas i’m not sure how to move forward. Any help?

A crazy thing about tarot is once you start using it more and more, you’ll start working with it almost as if it were a conversation.

This is why I do a lot of tarot readings for free. I got so used to the flow of things that I didn’t even need a spread.

for you, I think it would be best to sit down and construct one. You really just have to ask yourself what you need to know. And make sure it follows the guidelines of what is permissible to ask tarot.

For instance, you wouldn’t ask tarot about time or location. You never ask tarot if something will happen, you ask how it will happen. Yes or no spreads are a little more vague than tarot is accustomed to, but they’re still possible.

Good luck.