Tarot Spellcasting

Hey everyone gotta ask; anyone here know how to cast magick with just tarot cards? Or what would be some good sources to find out?

Portable Magick by Donald Tyson.


One method I found interesting is creating a spell using the cards in relation to their positions in the tree of life.

I received today my Book of tarot spells. It is great!! Special combination of Arcanas. Its somehow like similar to rune magic combining runes. :smiling_imp:

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I have used them in workings in a sense of evoking/invoking or bringing their spirit into a working.
Each card has a “force” or spirit of it’s own.

I actually did a pretty nasty working once were I utilized certain card energies/spirits

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A friend of mine does so by just redrawing the tarot card in an upright or upside down position with the person he intends for it to happen to in mind as he does draw it, which he basically is manifesting it on them be it the positive or negative aspects of the card on them.

Sorry for reigniting this topic but it’s currently of interest to me, I have had a great success with tarot magick in the recent past. I wasnt actually involved in Magick at the time but I was learning tarot reading from a psychic and intuitive reader I trust with my life, I later discovered I could use tarot for manifestation with certain spreads, at that time I believed It was LOA but looking back it actually turned out to be a powerful ritual. The Magick worked in an amazing way within about 30 days, (id set a time limit for this to occur within 90 days). This was love manifestation and I dont want to get to personal but I manifested a dream partnership that literally fell out of the sky. the results have since been confirmed by 3 psychics, 1 on my side and 2 from the other party.

I’d been putting a lot of attention recently into attack magick with demons and got so caught up in revenge I forgot just how successful I was with the tarot, I’m not sure if the fact that this was my personal deck that I used every day gave it extra personal energy on top of my intention, but I’ve neglected to go back and use it again and I believe I need to revisit it as it truly is a powerful form of magick.

I see the book by Donald Tyson recommended by @DarkestKnight and I will have to check this out for myself.