Tarot Rite

A week or two ago I hard core started practicing tarot for whatever reason haha. But I did the Ultimate Tarot Consecration rite EA did and a few weeks later I am getting crazy accurate readings. The cards speak to me and I read for myself today for the first time in a few days. And it was really easy for me and I do enjoy it. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

What is the “Ultimate Tarot” rite?

I don’t see how that was an ultimate tarot rite. All he was doing was memorizing the cards and by holding and touching the cards, syncing them up to his own energy. That’s what you’re supposed to do with any new tarot deck you get but the way the video was titled made it seem like it was some new and really cool thing you can do to your cards for better accuracy. I was expecting something different I guess you could say, in that video, but it was just a normal session of getting to know your cards.

Haha right that’s what I thought too Raven but sadly no. But I just started tarot like three weeks ago so it helped me go in the direction I needed. And since the energy sync opens up gateways to your mind my readings have been pretty dead accurate about myself. Now I’ll know for next time . I never saw use in divination til I started needing it for certain things and I bought a tarot deck four years ago and never used and recently I felt the pull to start and after you get the hang of it it becomes kinda fun.

“Sticky thread blindness” strikes again! :o)

It’s this:

The Ultimate Tarot Consecration Rite

It shows the process from beginning to end and doesn’t require you to go learn a whole bunch of other stuff (like Hebrew, gematria, etc) before you can even pick up a deck, so that sounds good to me. It’s been my experience that Tarot cards personalise themselves over time, I have certain cards that always mean a specific person or situation when they show up, so I think a personalised rite like this is better than a stack of books and a timid approach.

Thanks, Eva. I didn’t see the Sticky until after I posted the question :slight_smile: