Tarot Readings

While I’m currently at work (10:32am) I’ve mauled over this a bit and just decided to do it since I’ve been doing it in private a few times anyway. I’m going to offer at most 3 people a tarot reading.

I’d like to note however, I don’t do future readings, nor love readings, because I feel to know the future is to put too much faith in one possible future when there are many possibilities it can go and to know one or a few can change them either way and love should be experienced not thought too much on due to a reading. My questions are usually always spiritual, meaning things such as true self, associations, things like that or whatever other possible spiritual things people seek to know or confirm.

So yeah 3 people for now, post here your question or DM it either or.

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I’d love one. What could I do to evolve spiritually more efficiently?Thanks!

I don’t really do general readings, there needs to be a question that revolves around spirituality mainly because general readings can end up just being something mundane or things I try to avoid reading. So I assume you mean a general reading in regards to your spiritual aspect of your life? Or what?

I’d like one too please :slight_smile:

Same here . I’d be soo grateful for it !

Could I have one too pls?

It seems like I was slow @anon48079295 I’d love one in the future if you open this up once more. What will my new pathworking with Belial take result in?

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All done, I might open up to three more later down the road, but make sure you read the thread before asking for a reading.

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I’d be down for one, if you decide to do more.