Tarot reading

Hi Guys,

Would someone mind kindly doing a Tarot reading for me?

There are two questions I have that I would like some more insight with.

I run a design agency and have been working alone for some time now. My girlfriend has left her previous job to join the company and I would like to get some insight into how this will pan out, alongside anything that I may need to be aware of during this life transition.

The second element that I would like some insight with is to do with some entities that I feel the presence of regularly (particularly at night). Often as I go to sleep at night I can see them in my minds eye and with eyes open I notice stormy energy clouds that flail around the room manically.

I would like to know who they are and what their reason for hanging around me is. I feel like they are trying to tell me something but I can only see them but not hear them as I am still learning the art of divination.

I have given myself a Tarot reading on these subjects but since I am still learning how to read the cards I would really appreciate a reading from someone who has a bit more experience than I.

As a way to say thanks, I would like to offer members of the forum free branding and web design consultations if anyone needs advice in either of these fields.

I just want to personally thank Biosynth from the bottom of my heart for providing me the the most perfectly on point guidance that has just completely changed my day and possibly life forever.

He didn’t even have Tarot cards, just did a reading from the points I made. I actioned things further due to the insight he gave me and I feel there’s no way that I could thank him fully for a perfectly timed, completely on point divination on the subject.

I’m truly humbled and feel completely blessed for the experiences that reading provided me.

Ultimate blessings and MAJOR RESPECT!

I love this forum.