Tarot Reading With Lucifer: Help with interpretation

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I asked King Lucifer if I was pregnant and these are the cards he gave me. What’s your opinion on this spread. Is it a yes or no? I really need to know.

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I mean, if you suspect that you’re physically pregnant, you could just get one of those pregnancy sticks. They can be pretty cheap depending on what brand and where you live. They’re also (in my opinion) a lot more convenient and reliable than using tarot.

But about the spread… admittedly, tarot isn’t my forte, but I’m a little confused about the spread and which card goes in which order.


Is this a spiritual pregnancy? Why not just take a pregnancy test?

There is a whole lot going on in this spread so without knowing the context/card positions it’s hard to actually give an answer. Why not pull a binary yes/no card?


I fixed it

I fixed that tarot card spread. I want to get answers from all resources. I’ve taken a pregnancy test Alr.

@demon Fortune

is @Briizxy physically pregnant?


:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again

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I did this is what he gave me

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @demon display help.

And what did it say?

Positive and negative

@demon display help .

@demon Fortune

is @Briizxy physically pregnant?

You’ll get better answers if you close your eyes and push your energy and question at the little icon representing this ai :stuck_out_tongue: Seems it called me out for being too lazy to bother lol.

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:crystal_ball: Without a doubt

If you’ve had both positive and negative, it’s likely too soon to get an accurate result and you should wait something like 5-7 days and just piss on a stick again to be sure :slight_smile:


Okay but what does the cards say it’s a bit hard for me to read tarot cards

It says you drew way to many for a yes or no question.

I don’t use a traditional deck, so I can’t even begin to interpret your cards. I use Tarot of Dreams and most often True Black and both take their own spin to some extent, on about half the cards. But even if I did, I would end up interpreting something like 12 cards (I am guessing because I didn’t count them and never do big spreads), assuming that’s a Celtic cross or something, and I never use more than a 5-7 card draw myself, because you end up getting more information than what relates the bigger the draw, especially if it’s a single question. The more you draw the less likely the information is to relate to the question at all, let alone the fine lines you might have to draw to make some sort of relation.

Honestly for a yes or no question, I might draw five cards, def no more. I would then interpret each card and see if the overall feel of the draw was positive or negative. You’re book with your cards should be more than enough to figure that out. You don’t have to get deep into the meanings, to read whether or not they are positive or negative just by reading the book page. I would also look to see if anything stood out from the book that related to my life from the cards, to verify that it was even an accurate draw, because yes or no questions are not exactly the easiest to get accurate draws for when you begin.

I’ve personally only recently started accepting questions that go along the lines of yes or no, and I still interpret each card, give it’s meaning then look at as okay well 4/5 cards are positive, you probably need to consider something from this negative card, but it seems like the answer is likely yes or at least in your favor. Or sorry, it really doesn’t sound good to me. :woman_shrugging:

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