Tarot reading (what do they mean?)

Hi all,

So there was another member in the forum who does readings for free: so i asked them to do a reading for the following questions:

  • i want to know if my ex will come back to me and will they contact me? also what advise would u give me to get them back and how should i move on with my life?
  • did king belial accept my request and was he there when i called upon him?

and their reply was:

"I pulled the 2 of cups, the Emperess, and page of swords.

I see she will make an offer to you, more than likely coming back to give things one more try, but it’s not going to go well as you would hope. This offer will take a bit of time to even come about, but I see petty conflict and arguments arising. At this point, if both of you are willing, you’d have to make a sacrifice to wait a while and just not call it quits again so fast. Things could work out if you two stop being drawn to turning trivial matters into full-blown arguments. Communication will be the key here.

For your second question. I pulled the 6 of wands.

This card represents success. Yes he did accept your request."

So i couldn’t let it go and went and used my friends tarot cards and did a reading for myself with the following questions: Is he coming back (left card) is he coming back within the next 30 days? (middle card) does he miss me? (right card) and then i pulled a clarification card for each one of them and they all showed up on reversed. Take a look below to see the pictures:

The answers:
the hanged man in reversed, Ace of swords upright, The hermit reversed.

The clarification cards (note the card on the right was reversed but i turned it to read what is it about):
Three of wands reversed, Six of wands reversed, the hierophant reversed.

I am not really a tarot reader so it got me confused and i hope if someone who does readings and know that most of their readings are accurate to help me with this. So please tell me what do you guys think

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It’s interesting how the tarot will not repeat it self . A lot of times people will not like the answer they get and will continue to pull cards until they get the answer they want. She was 100 percent right in her reading. The extra cards didn’t need to be pulled.


so what is the second reading says? also does that mean i should ignore the second reading?

note that i am not really a tarot reader. i just shuffled while asking my question then i pulled the cards.

Also i was not questioning her reading but i just wanted clarification on the timing… its just me lusting on the results when i shouldn’t

I know it’s hard because I use to do that. You just need to wait it out that’s what all the cards are saying. From what I see you have 3 life lessons right now hangman reversed the hermit reversed the empress. All important life theme cards I could go on but this isn’t my reading …you need to wait it out.

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i will wait. also if u know the life lesson that the cards are trying to teach me plz help

Tarot isn’t something you can just “do.” For you to not be in-tune with yourself and your deck, you giving yourself a reading after I gave you one was unnecessary. You lusting over results is going to prolong it even further.


I did the reading. I feel slightly disrespected by this lol. I feel like my skill is being called into question.


I know I’m trying to back you I think it’s very impolite to ask for a reading and then reject it because you don’t like the answer.


no i actually believe ur reading and i do appreciate it. Why would i mention u if i i was not. I just wanted to know a time estimate on it. and my questions were a lot enough for you and u were kind enough to answer me. also i want to apologize if u feel disrespected and i want you to know i appreciate u

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@Destiny_McKoy @reddrakon i didn’t reject the reading. i just wanted to know his feelings and what is the time estimate for him to come back

Everything’s find just wait it out wait for some time to pass and get re read after energies and situations have changed a bit.

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@Fallen_Human First question six of cups afirmative answer, the joy will come from past memories not from present. Second question seven of swords negative, this is a card of diplomacy, theft and manipulation.

its Six of wands not cups

Hey i apologize for no responding to this sooner! Well honestly id say go with what the tarot reader said to you. When doing a reading with any form of divination you have to be pretty in tune with yourself, and that is what is reflected on the cards. Since you used a friend’s tarot deck, did that friend or you do any sort of cleansing before you used it? If not, the cards are more in sync with your friend’s energy and getting that mixed with yours may have affected this some way, along with if you just quickly asked the questions without putting much focus into it.

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true. i didn’t do any cleansing or took good time with the questions or any preparation

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When we do a spell or ritual we are using action on a small scale to create change on a large scale.
When a capable diviner reads the tarot, they are using a tool which translates events on a large scale to symbols on a small scale.

Many have familiars or servitors to help them specifically with the task of reading. Even with a helpful intermediary like this, time is meaningless in terms of energy. You may as well ask a storm how much rain it’s carrying- you won’t get a number, because there are too many ways to measure and most don’t translate. You can probably trust that the span of time referenced by the reading will fall within the time span of your ability to stress over it in the same way, and as the same person.

Relatively, quite soon.

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i love ur reply cause it explains a lot