Tarot Reading : Unknown Spirit, Question?

The question is “What is the unknown spirit in my room, and what does it want with me”

4 card basic spread : top being main factor, bottom three are contributing factors. I don’t normally do reversed cards but thought I should do them in this reading.

7 of Wands : R - This card is about the inner fire, the inner courage. About finding my way, and also looking within.

Son of Pentacles: This represents a loyal, and quiet person/son/figure. However can be stubborn and wanting his own way. From this I got a materialistic dark vibe and noticed the pentacle eclipses the red moon.

The Fool: This represents someone on the beginning on their journey, it also represents infinity (the 0) and the universe. Got innocent vibes from this but also the vibes of connection and journeying.

6 of pentacles : R - This card gave me the vibes or growing, and collecting the harvest (being material gain). Like how a fruit grows on a plant to be harvested later. The reversed could mean this is something to be worked on.

Common symbols I noticed: plants, darkness, pentacles, and fire/light of some sort.

Any input? The reading is to find out what type of spirit is my room and their intent. @DarkestKnight

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I’ll give you my input in a bit. I have some real world stuff to deal with at the moment but will be on again in a while :slight_smile:


Okay, my interpretation is, it’s not an angel, but it is some sort of guide that is trying to get your attention. I get an elemental feel to it, close to the earth, maybe even Fae.

I don’t use reversals when I read, but the fact that Card 1 is reversed tells me that you may not be listening to what this spirit is trying to tell you. Cards 2 and 3 describe you, as a beginner on your path, and Card 4 reversed, says you are holding back your own growth, perhaps due to some preconceived ideas about “how things are” or how you are supposed to be. :thinking:


Oh…well this makes sense…

Maybe it makes sense that this earthy guide has been with me for a long time, might be a personal guide.

I have or had connections to the fae at a soul level but was trying to change that. I hope that’s not what’s being communicated lol.

Thanks for the input!

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