Tarot Reading thread

Well the question I asked was related to the reading you wanted to give. you want me to just think about the reading question I asked you? I have reasons for asking it and not doing it myself. And I was asleep. I slept. It was 11 pm.

He wants to break a mental binding. But if you don’t know what that means then the nature of your mind is a mystery to you.

Honestly it felt more like a trapping of perception. Like something that was trapping yourself in an idea of mindset. I don’t know.

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Sorry if this seemed rude or something

No, but I guess it‘s about language problems. I am from germany and what you wrote about forcefully breaking mental etc is completely missunderstood here. :smiley:

I didnt saw any question from you for a reading?!?

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Aaaah now I saw it!
I will take the Crowley deck for it and will come back to you during the evening. It‘s 1 pm here :wink:

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It’s like you’re blocking yourself and you don’t know it and it’s going to be undone

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After your sarcastic clarification (I like that) I understood it aswell. The boundaries I took to myself during the last years will be broken forcefully so to speak.

The last years were heavy shit for me like brain cancer, cancer at my uterus loosing „friends“, family members etc.

I trust the Baron whatever he will do :purple_heart:

Thank you again and by the way: dou you want your reading via pm or here?

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Here is fine

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Hi @Maxwell

I took the lenormand cards yesterday and only one card appeared: the mountain. This means you should focus on obstacles and a hard way to go. Something is blocked.

To be sure I asked twice Today and the same card appeared in combination with the house und the fox.
This means your focus should be at problems at your home which are not as bad as expected.

kind regards :slight_smile:

Hey max, I would like to know, my bf is LHP and is this all a test of handling and accepting discipline? I don’t listen to the little things and realize sometimes I need to and it could just be all my mind messing with me. What could possibly be my holdback of not moving forward ??

(Please correct me if needed. I know there is two questions so hopefully i tied it into each other)

Not to be gready but how many readings can we ask for?

Can i have an advice reading