Tarot Reading Swap Thread

Well, like any order, back in 2012, how I came to know this site, and these schools of thought, was through research and web searches.

Some schools of thought:
Order of >8 and <10 Angles(Sinister Tarot)
Waite (Rider-Waite)
Paul Foster Case (Builders of the Adytum, Fraternity of the Hidden Light
Israel Regardie (Golden Dawn Tarot)
Aliester Crowley (Book of Thoth)
Bill Stafford
??? Gray
Fiebig+Burger (Rider Waite)
All I can think of atm.

bota.org and lvx.org, since you asked are two schools but one school of thought as they follow Paul Foster Case.
As far as OTO/AA and Golden Dawn, I would locate the nearest temple and inquire.
As for LHP groups, I think Order of the Dragon Rouge is the only one in existence still.

@DarkestKnight or @Mulberry … can you close this thread?