Tarot Reading in a Lucid dream?

I dreamed that i was back on highschool at a new high school that was way better than my true highschool and it was just amazing and i had all the friends and popularity in the school. So it started to rain and we were all sent to the gym till the rain stopped and in the gym was a table of tarot cards. I went over and telepathic asked the cards my question; what is my purpose in life, like what am i supposed to do as a career? Then when i looked up the lady who was over the cards started to pull my first card and laid it on the table before me then the second. The first card depicted spiderman ( my favorite superhero) and she told me that this meant that < I was destined for greatness and was assigned to help others yet i swing on a web to quickly for other and need to slow dwn or fall from my web to my own destruction.> she showed me the second card that depicted a police officer (Thisis one of my career choices i have always thought about pursuing ) < she really didnt explain this card to me yet i was teleported to this house of mine <i knw it was my house bc i was showing my family all the rooms in my house and it felt kike home. It was beautiful and big like i would in real life build my house with multiple rooms.

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